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Pakutia landlord house
Tangail >>  Nagarpur

Built in 1915, the landlord still holds testimony to the glorious past of zamindars of the time. A person named Ramkrishna Saha Mandal built this landlord house. He got landowning from the English people. There was also the building of the two sons of the zamindar. The construction strategy of this building matches with the construction strategies of East countries. There are Nat Mandir in front of the landlord house. The craftsmanship of the house is still bearing the charm and taste of the zamindars. To see the Pakutia zamindar house you will have to go to Pakutia union of Nagarpur upazila of Tangail district. ...... read full story

Maldua's landlord house / Raja Tonkanath's Rajbari
Thakurgaon >>  Ranisankail

The Rajbari of King Tonkanath is located at Maldua, about 1 km away from Ranisankail upazila headquarters of Thakurgaon district. The Kulik River runs along the side. According to the history, in the beginning of the nineteenth century, this town was included in Maldua's state. The name of the wife of King Tanankath Chowdhury was Joy Rama Shankari Devi. This place was later named Ranisankail after the Queen's name. The zamindar house was once very busy and artistic. Though the Rajbari was built almost a hundred years ago, modern impressions were found. The palace floor was once covered with marble stones, but there is no way to understand it now. Even though the palace is very much neglected, its construction techniques and magnitudes still stand as a witness of the glory past. There are many rooms in the palace. There is a legend, there is a room under the royal palace, where the treasures of the kings are still hidden.
You can see an old temple about 200 meters south of the zamindar house. This temple of Ramchandra (Jayakali) It is believed that this temple is more ancient than the Rajbari. ...... read full story

Rajbari of King Dhirendranath at Jagaddal
Thakurgaon >>  Ranisankail

The Rajbari of Raja Dhirendranath is situated in Jagaddal in the border area of ​​Ranisankail upazila of Thakurgaon district. The area is very close to the border of India-Bangladesh. It survives in a very awkward situation. Yet this palace is one of the popular places for tourists. It is almost always noted that the visit of a number of tourists and lovers of history has been increasing in this place. The position of this Rajbari is in Kashipur union of the upazila sadar. ...... read full story

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