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Nawab Faizunnesa Zamindar house and other works
Cumilla >>  Laksam

You can see a beautiful landlord house in Paschimgaon area of ​​Laksam upazila of Comilla district. This landlord house is Nawab Faizunnesa zamindar house. There are 3 large buildings on the huge land. Nawab Faizunnessa's two-storey building is now known as Nawab Ghar. Note that for the contribution of this great person, Faizunnesa, dedicated to human welfare, British Queen Victoria gave him the title of Nawab in 1889. ...... read full story

Rupalal House
Dhaka >>  Bangshal (thana)

This Ruplal House is a large building situated in Farasganj, Old Dhaka. In the nineteenth century this building was built by two brothers named Ruplal Das and Raghunath Das in the form of European architecture. ...... read full story

Northbrook Hall / Lalukuthi
Dhaka >>  Bangshal (thana)

In 1876, this Northbrook Hall was built in an occasion of the arrival of Lord Brooke's Big lot in the Indian capital of Farasganj. The building's color is red, which is why the building is also known as Lalkuthi. The hall was built at the time as the city's auditorium. The Northbrook Hall has a touch of Mughal and European architectural styles. Two years after the construction of the hall, in February 1882, a library was built in the hall premises. This library was established by the people of Dhaka for the study of the inhabitants of Dhaka. ...... read full story

Jinjira Palace
Dhaka >>  Jinjira

This palace is located in a place named Jinjira on the banks of Buriganga River. To see it, you have to go to Zinzira by boat from Sadarghat. After the death of Sirajuddaula, the last Nawab of Bengal, his wife and daughter were kept here in 1756. The palace is still a witness to that history. ...... read full story

Burdwan House
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

One of the most renowned buildings in Dhaka, this growing house. During the partition of Bengal in 1905, this building was built. The building has not diminished its significance since its inception till date. This building is a silent witness to different periods of history. Once upon a time the Burdwan kings lived here. From 1947 to 1952, the building was used as the residence of Chief Minister of East Bengal Government. On February 1, 2010, language movement museum was established on the second floor of the building. ...... read full story

Curzon Hall
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

On February 14, 1904, the British Viceroy Lord Curzon laid the foundation of this building. The building was named after Curzon Hall. The design of the building is very beautiful today. Take a look at wooden stairs, design railings, flower-leaf-leaf design in the building. The design of the building features the characteristics of the architecture of Europe and the Mughal period. This red-colored building is now being used as the Faculty of Science of Dhaka University. ...... read full story

Chamilli House
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

There is a hundred-year-old structure in front of the Dhaka High Court building. The building was built in the 1920's in the form of English huts. This is the same as before. There was no change from the time of construction. Currently it is used as the CIRDAP office. ...... read full story

Nimtali palace and arcades / deuri
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

The Asiatic Society has an arcade of Nimtali Palace on the east side of an old three-storeyed old building. The palace is currently destroyed. However, some parts of it still exist in the palace. The palace and the arcade were estimated to be built sometime in or around 1765 AD. It is believed that it was built to stay for the Naib Nazir during British rule. ...... read full story

Old High Court Building
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

This building, used as the official residence of the provincial governor of Bengal and Assam in 1905, is now known as the old High Court building. The British architectural style of the building has a special look. ...... read full story

Rai-Shashi residence / zamindarbari
Dhaka >>  Savar

You can see an ancient landlord house named Roy Shashi Nibash (residence) in a place called Arpara in Savar upazila of Dhaka. It is known that this zamindar house was built in 1307 BS. Though the zamindar's house does not have the glosses of the past, its various structures still carry the signature of the zodiac sign of the zamindar house. Even today, the Imperial Palace, a statue of women built on a Roman architectural style, the lofty throne, the Randh-Govinda temple built by the zamindars, the palace attracts tourists. This building was built in 1307 BS and later on another building was built in 1344 BS. ...... read full story

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