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Rajbari and Temple
Jashore >>  Abhaynagar

There is a Rajbari and several temples at Abhaynagar in Jessore district. It is known that the name of this place was abhaynagar according to the name of a widowed princess named 'Abhaya' of Chalera Raj family. A rajbari and several temples were constructed in this Abhaynagar. The existence of a temple in ancient temples is still understood. It was a Shiva temple. The walls of this temple were decorated with terracotta figurines. ...... read full story

Chachra Rajbari and Temple
Jashore >>  Jashore Sadar

You can see Chalde Rajbari on the south side of the upazila of Sadar upazila of Jessore district. During the reign of Raja Pratapaditya this scalar zamindari got fame. Pratapaditya was a very influential zamindar. Later he was awarded the title of King. Several buildings and temples were built in Rajbari. Among the temples are the Dash mahaviddya Temple, Shiva Mandir, Shyama Jor Bangla Temple, specially notable. It is known that the various structures of the Rajbari were built between the seven and eighteenth centuries. Most of these ancient structures are now almost destroyed. Among the temples of Chachra Rajbari Manohar Roy, ancestor of Raja Pratapaditya built the Shiva temple in 1608. The Shiva temple was a temple with a peak, and it was also called Ekratna temple. Terracotta print found on the wall of the temple. ...... read full story

Michael Madhusudan Dutta's house
Jashore >>  Keshabpur

Michael Madhusudan Dutta, the pioneer of Bangla Sonnet Poetry, was born in the village of Sagardandi of Keshabpur upazila of Jessore district. The House of poet's father is still carrying the zamindari tradition of his family in the village of Sagardari. A museum named Michael Madhusudan has been built near this house. Photographs and various tools related to memories of poet and poet families are preserved here. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the poet, Modhu mela (one kind of festival) is organized every year in Sagrardari. ...... read full story

The hammam at Mirzanagar Nawab's house
Jashore >>  Keshabpur

You can see the Hammamah of Nawab Bhaban and Nawab Bhaban in Mirza Nagar of Keshabpur upazila of Jessore district. The Nawab House and the Hammamkhana, built by the Mughal Faujdar, is no longer in the former state. Once upon a time the grandeur of Nababari has lost its charm. But these Nawabbari, Hammamkhana, other structures including ripe kwas have been witnessed for a period of time. Note that the Hammamkhana is a special room for bathing. ...... read full story

Kirtipasha Zamindar House
Jhalakathi >>  Jhalakathi Sadar

This zamindari house is in Kirtipashaya under sadar upazila of Jhalokati district. There is an ancient Durga temple with the zamindar house. ...... read full story

Naldanga Raja's house
Jhenaidaha >>  Kaliganj

An old rajbari will be seen in Naldanga, about 10 miles south of Jhenaidah. It is known that King Indranarayan founded this landlord house. At the beginning of the seventeenth century a Brahmin named Bishnudas Hazra received the zamindari here. Later he got the title of king. Raja Indranarayan was a famous and powerful king of this dynasty. Here he built a temple called Pancharatna temple. It is assumed that the landlord was built in the 16th century. ...... read full story

Lakma Rajbari
Joypurhat  >>  Panchbibi

A Rajbari can be seen in West Kariya village of Athapur union of Panchbibi upazila of Joypurhat district. It is known as Lama Rajbari. It is known that the Rajbari built in the eighteenth century. The Rajbari is not the same today. Some buildings are in poor condition. There was an elephant and a charioteer in this palace. A landlord named Likma Chowdhury was also building this palace. ...... read full story

Mang Circle Rajbari
Khagrachari >>  Mohalchari

One of the most visited places of Khagrachari, Mangarkar Rajbari of Manikchhari upazila. Manikchhari Upazila is known as the capital of Mong Head. The Rajbari is about 150 years old. It is known that during the war of independence in 1971, then King Mong Prussai Chowdhury helped the freedom fighters. ...... read full story

Jangalbari and fort of Isa Khan
Kishoreganj >>  Karimgonj

The Jangalbari fort of Isa Khan, one of Bara Bhuiyan of Bengal, was in Kadirjangal union of Karimganj upazila of Kishoreganj district. This was the second capital of Isa Khan. The surroundings of the fort were surrounded by water. After Isa's death, his son Dewan and his descendants live here. There is a 3-dome mosque near the fort. The mosque is built by the dewans. This junglebari and the fort of Isa Khan built in the fifteenth century. ...... read full story

Thirty-two palaces
Kishoreganj >>  Kishoreganj Sadar

This palace is located in Kishoreganj district. It is situated near Kishoreganj railway station. It is believed that the palace was built in the eighteenth century. ...... read full story

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