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Delhi's Akhara
Kishoreganj >>  Mithamoin

During the reign of Emperor Jahangir, this hall was built. The building of the Akhara is still spectacular. ...... read full story

Egarsindur Fort
Kishoreganj >>  Pakundia

Egarsindhur Fort is a historic place in Pakundia upazila of Kishoreganj district. The fort was used as a stronghold of some powerful empires living here. Once upon a time, a coach King Beebudda built this fort here. It was the capital of King Bebuddha. Bebuddha excavated a dighi here, which is known as "Bebuddha Dighi". Later, the most powerful of the famous Bara-bhuiyan, Isa Khan, renovated the fort and turned it into a more powerful fort. Isa Khan used it as a strong base against the Mughals. Here is a fierce battle of Isa Khan's army with the force of the Mughal commander King Mansingh. After the death of Isa Khan, Pathan King Khwaja Usman once again built a strong base against the forces of Mughal Subadar Islam Khan. ...... read full story

Naodanga Zamindar House and Temple
Kurigram >>  Fulbari

You can see this zamindar house in Naodanga union of Phulbari upazila of Kurigram district. The unused house, now lying in negligence. A temple will be seen next to the landlord house. It is built by the Naodanga zamindars. ...... read full story

Bhindarbandh Zamindar House
Kurigram >>  Nageshwari

You can see a zamindari house in the inner city of Nageswari upazila of Kurigram district. It is known as Bhindarband Zamindar Ghar. The Zamindar house is currently in a poor condition. ...... read full story

Dalal Bazar Zamindar House
Lakshmipur >>  Raipur

You can see an ancient landlord house at Dalal Bazar in Raipur upazila of Lakshmipur.It is assumed that this landlord house is more than 200 years old. Built on about 5 acres of land, the Raj Gate, Andor Mahal, Shan Bandyopa Pukur Ghat, Temple, Nachghar, and the Iron Oaks of the Iron car are still bearing the traditions of zamindar house. ...... read full story

Auliyapur Nilkuthi
Madaripur >>  Madaripur Sadar

This ancient temple can be seen in the village of Auliyapur in the district's Sadar upazila of Madaripur. It is known that English Neelkar Dunlop built this room. There is a lot of historic importance in this field. Here fighting is fought between the Faraizis of the Faraizi leader Haji Shariatullah against the Neelkar (Dunlop's army). ...... read full story

Mohammadpur Fort
Magura >>  Mohammadpur

About 15 miles from Magura district town, Mohammadpur Upazila is famous for the architectural architecture built by Sittaram Roy, one of the renowned kings of the seventeenth century. One of the architectures is "Mohammadpur Fort". It is known that this fort was built in the late 16th century. The fort was built in a square. The length of each side of the castle was more than 1 mile. Its wall was built with complete soil. There was a very deep and wide trench outside the castle. It is said that this trench would look like a river. Currently there are some ruins of this fort. Inside the fort, there were several ponds including Raja Sitaram's rajprasad, luxury house, ammunition, factory, toshakhana, koskhana, daswuja temples, Jorabangala Krishna temple, Shiva temple, Dolmancha. In 1714, on the order of Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, Bakht Ali Khan defeated Sitaram and captured him. Later, Sitaram was sentenced to death. After the death of Sitaram, the zamindar of Natore received the responsibility of this place. There was a large earth wall on the south side of the Mohammadpur fort, it was known as the outside average. There is an ancient and famous Dighi that is excavated by Raja Sitaram. Dighi is known as Ramsagar. ...... read full story

Raja Sitaram's Palace and Other Buildings
Magura >>  Mohammadpur

You can see Raja Sitaram's palace in Mohammadpur upazila of Magura district. More buildings with this palace will be seen. However, many of these architectural structures are devastating today. There are some architectural signs. This palace was adjacent to a lake called Lakshminarayan. There was a lot of excitement with the luxury house, Nahabatkhana, treasury, garment, Jorbala temple, near the palace. It is believed that the palace was built in 1680. ...... read full story

Baliyati zamindari palace
Manikganj >>  Saturia

In the Saturia upazila of Manikganj district, you will find this landowner's house. It is a large and spectacular erection. In the eighteenth century landlord Govindram built this house. The main palace was with the eastern house, the western house, the northern house, the middle house and the round house. These buildings had various types of work. There were high walls around the palace. There are 4 entrances to the palace premises. And 4 stone lions in this entrance. The palace is witnessing its past glory even today as a witness. ...... read full story

Teota zamindar house
Manikganj >>  Shibaloy

This Teota zamindar house will be found in Shibalaya upazila of Manikganj district. At present, several parts of it have collapsed. A pond ghat will be seen next to the landlord house. In this pool, his lover Pramila was first seen with national poet and rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. The name Pramila was given by the poet. Pramila's original name was Ashalata Sengupta. ...... read full story

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