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Amjhupi Kuthibari/Nilkuthi
Meherpur >>  Meherpur Sadar

This Amjhagi Kuthibari is near the city of Meherpur. This is a historic place. This Amjhappy is located beside the Kajla river in Sadar upazila. In this building, Mir Jafar trusted commander of Sirajuddaula, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, signed a conspiracy agreement with the English. As a result, the Nawab suffered defeat in the battle of Nawab Sirajuddaula with the English at Palashi edges. The building reminded Mir Jafar's betrayal. This kuthi is also carrying memories of torture of British indigo planters. The Nilkuthi is believed to have been built in the nineteenth century. ...... read full story

Indraqpur Fort
Munshiganj >>  Munshiganj Sadar

This historic Indraqpur fort will be seen at the heart of Munshiganj district town. It is an important example of Muslim traditions in the Mughal period. At that time there was an abolition of Afghan, mug and arcans. These tribes often used to rush in this area, often looting. During the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Subadar Mir Jumla of Bengal built this fort in 1660 to save from attack. On the eastern side of the fort there is a tall circular edges, whose diameter is about 100 feet. This high rectangle was used to set long cannons. The towers were built to install cannons on each corner of the fort. The entrance to the inside of the fort is on the north wall of the fort. And there is a pond in the south. In the upper part of the fort, there was the house of the sub-divisional officer in the British period. The castle is currently being used as a prison. ...... read full story

Gouripur landlord house and temple
Mymensingh >>  Gouripur

The zamindar house of two prominent zamindars, Ananda Kishore and Surendra Prasad Lahiri of Gouripur upazila of Mymensingh district still stands as a witness to the past history of zamindars. Originally, the original house of Zamindar Ananda Kishore is being used as Gouripur Women's College. On the other hand, the landlord Surendra Prasad Lahiri's house is being used as Gouripur Government College. Randhakrishna's Bigraha Mandir, built by zamindars, is in the middle of this building. The temple is a very beautiful place. The Chinese tiles have been used to build the temple. ...... read full story

Atharobari zamindar house
Mymensingh >>  Iswarganj

Aterabari zamindar house situated at the place of Aterabari in Ishoriganj upazila of Mymensingh district is one of the historical monuments of Mymensingh. It is assumed that this zamindar house may have been built in the late seventeenth century. Pramod Roy, the last landlord of this landlord house, is known to have used this house last. Rabindranath Tagore came to this house in 1926 at the invitation of zamindar pramod ray. It is worth mentioning that Pramod Roy got the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore as a teacher during Shanti Niketan's student life in Calcutta. Historically, this Aterabari area was a very prosperous city. The city was also very important in terms of trade and commerce.
To see this zodiac sign, you have to go to the place called Aterabari, about 14-15 kilometers away from Ishoriganj upazila headquarters. ...... read full story

Muktagacha zamindar home
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

This Muktagachha zamindari is located in north-west from Muktagachha municipality office. In the second half of the eighteenth century, Rama Acharya, the second man of the landlord family of Muktagachha, built this palace. Though this zamindar house was known locally as Muktagacha Zamindarbari, its former name was Atani zamindar house. The design of this historic landlord house still attracts tourists. There are still big iron collectors (sindhak) in the zamindarabari. The landlord kept his wealth and ornaments of this iron sindhak. You'll see a dance room. Even today the design of this dance house is bearing the fancy of zamindars of that time. You will see a storied building constructed by Tin. There was an elephant and horse houses beside this zodiac. But they do not exist anymore. If you see this famous zamindarbari you will have to go to Mymensingh Muktagacha Upazila. There are buses coming directly from Dhaka. Or the CNG of Muktagachha coming from Mymensingh Town Town Hall. ...... read full story

Maharaja Suryakanta's house
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

Maharaja Suryakanta was the adopted son of his previous zamindar. Maharaj Suryakanta's house is now being used as Muktagachha Shaheed Sriti Government College. Although the Suryakanta's house is not currently the same, the gate of this government college is still inaccessible. This gate attracts the attention of the tourists. This gate was built in the eighteenth century. If you want to see this building of the Suryakanta, you will have to go to Muktagachha Upazila of Mymensingh district. There are buses coming directly from Dhaka. Or the CNG of Muktagachha coming from Mymensingh Town Town Hall. ...... read full story

Gouripur Lodge
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

A two-storey beautiful building made of tin and wood is found beside the head office of Sonali Bank located in Mymensingh town. It is known as Gouripur Lodge. This tin and wooden two-storey building was constructed by bringing artisans from China. Brajendra Kishore was one of the zamindars of Gouripur zamindars. This Gouripur Lodge is the immortal glory of this zamindar. Rajarajeshwari Water Works is located beside this Gouripur Lodge. The traditional Brahmaputra river is passing by this lovely house. ...... read full story

Raj-Rajeshwari Water Works
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

The history of the ancient princes is associated with the old water reservoir of Mymensingh. For the welfare of the people, Maharaja Suryakanta Acharya Chowdhury, here in 1890, arranged for the first time in the city of Mymensingh to lift the underground water. It is known that Raja Rajeshwari, wife of Maharaja Suryakanta, once attacked one of the incurable disorders. And according to the doctor's advice, abstaining from drinking water, she died. After the death of the beloved wife of the Maharaja, he built this reservoir for drinking water in Mymensingh town for the immortality of the wife.In the construction of the reservoir, at that time the expenditure was Tk 1,422.278. The water of this reservoir was purified and later supplied. This traditional water tank of Mymensingh is still carrying the testimony of the Maharaja. The old tank will be found next to the head office of Sonali Bank Limited, Mymensingh city. ...... read full story

Shashi Lodge
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

This is the palace of the king Shashi Kant. Suryakanta Acharya, the Zamindar of Muktagachha, built this palace in the city of Mymensingh, after the name of Dattakaputra Shashi Kant. It's built in the nineteenth century. For the many years after the independence of Bangladesh, this building was used as a women training center in Mymensingh. In 2016, this historic building has been taken under the Department of Archeology. The special attraction of this Shashi Lodge was the stairs leading upstairs. The sound of music from the stairs leading up to the staircase. But it is no longer there. Maharaja Shashikant brought this technology and craftsman from Paris to build this special staircase. In this Rajbari of Mahamajah Shashikant, you will find many ancient tree monuments. The marble stone sculpture of Venus, the goddess of Greek beauty in the palace, can be seen. The lodge was about 9 acres of land. A clean ponded pool ghat can be seen behind this lodge. ...... read full story

Durbahalati landlord house
Naogaon >>  Naogaon Sadar

You can see the 'Durbahati zamindar house' (Durbahalati landlord house) at a place called Durbahati near Naogaon District Sadar. This is a huge palace. The palace is still standing as witness of the influence of zamindars and their luxurious life-time. The landlord house is about 200 years old. In the construction of the huge palace, the tactics of the Roman architectural art can be seen. The zamindari house is situated in about 5 acres of area. The main zamindar palace is a two-storeyed palace. Three columns of magnificent columns are connected directly to the ground floor below the ceiling. There is no way to understand that it is a two-storied building. It seems that the whole palace is one-storied. In addition to residential buildings, you can see temple, auditorium, worship rooms, and several ponds in this zamindar house. Ponds have brick paved stairs. ...... read full story

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