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Deul Temple of Mathura / Bhusna Vijay pillar
Faridpur >>  Madhukhali

In Faridpur district there is a beautiful and graceful deul in Madhakhali upazila. Duel's exceptional construction techniques fascinate tourists. Although the wall is made square in the ground, the upper part is not square. Its height is about 70 feet. There are one small room inside the deul. It is common that defeating King Pratapaditya in the war, Mughal Emperor Akbar's commander Manasingh built this deul as a symbol of victory in the war. For this reason many people called this Deul as a victory pillar. It is believed that this Deul was built in the 16th century. The statues of gods and goddesses painted on Deul's wall. You can also see men and women, images of different animals. ...... read full story

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari
Gazipur >>  Gazipur Sadar

This Bhawal Shamshanswari temple is just 1 kilometer away from Joydevpur in Gazipur. It is possible to get here from Joydevpur city by rickshaw. This is an important monument built by the Bhawal kings. This cemetery temple is built with six small temples adjacent to the cremation ground. The oldest and largest temple is known as King Kali Narayan Mandir. It is known that the northern temple is built in the memory of King Narayan's wife. The temple of Shamshanswari is believed to have been built in the nineteenth century. ...... read full story

Cremation ground
Gazipur >>  Gazipur Sadar

This historic place is located in Rajendrapur of Gazipur district. The seven-generation memorial monument of Bhawal Raja will be seen in this crematorium. The architecture of these monuments is very spectacular. In the terracotta plaques on the walls of the monuments, the mythological images can be seen. These monuments are one of the rare historical monuments in Bangladesh. ...... read full story

Temple of Siddhartha House / Buddha Thakur Temple
Gopalganj >>  Kotalipara

This Temple of Siddhartha is a temple which is about 200 years old. It is a Shiva temple. You can see this Shiva temple at a place called Siddhartha in Kotalipara upazila of Gopalganj district. The temple is also known by local people as the temple of the Buddha Tagore. It is common, that it was built in 1800. ...... read full story

Bitangal akhara
Habiganj >>  Baniachong

This bithangal akhara is one of the pilgrimages for the Vaisnava religiosity. It will be found in a village named Bithangal in Baniachang, Habizanj district. It is known that a person named Ramkrishna Goswami constructed this akhara in the sixteenth century. The white stone weighing 25 mounds of Akhara, the bronze souvenir, decorated chariot, silver vessel and gold crown will attract the attention of the visitors. There are 120 rooms for the Vaishnavas in the area. The architecture of the sixteenth century will impress the architectural tourists. ...... read full story

Doyamoyi temple
Jamalpur >>  Jamalpur Sadar

The location of this ancient temple at the heart of Jamalpur Sadar. A beautiful combination of ancient and modern architectures is reflected in the construction technique of this temple. It is a pilgrim place to Hindu religion. In the eighteenth century, King Sri Krishna established this temple named his wife, Doyamoyi. If you want to see the temple you will come to 0 points of Jamalpur district. The place is known as Doyamoyi Paratha. The kind-hearted temple is located here. ...... read full story

Dochala temple(Temple of two ceilings)
Jashore >>  Abhaynagar

This temple of Chaghra in Jessore sadar upazila was a beautiful temple in the beginning. This temple is known as Dochala Mandir, built in the style of Bengal like Dochala (a special house with two ceilings). Shyama Rai, a Hindu man, built this temple. It was estimated that the temple was built around 1669. ...... read full story

Bharat Vayana Deul
Jashore >>  Keshabpur

This Bharat Bhayana Deul is one of the most remarkable and well known sites in Jessore district. This historic site can be seen in a village named Bharat Bhaina in Keshabpur upazila of the district. It is basically a Buddhist monastery. Locally, this place is also known as Deor of Bharat King or Diana of Bharat Raja or Bharat Raja's house. This temple is approximately 38 feet high from the plane. Due to digging of the monastery, 30 rooms were found here. The construction strategies of these rooms are the same. These rooms were built to live in Buddhist monks. ...... read full story

Pancharatna Temple / Naldanga Temple
Jhenaidaha >>  Kaliganj

About 10 miles away from Jheenaidah Sadar, you can see this ancient temple of Pancharatna at Naldanga. Raja Indranarayan built this temple. You can see one pinnacle on the main chamber of the temple and 4 more pinnacles in its 4 corners. This temple is called Pancharatna temple due to the five peaks of this temple. Raja Indranarayan established a mansion in this temple. According to his name, this affair is named "Indrayeshwari". Later, this mansion was named "Siddheswari". It was estimated that this temple was built near 1685. At the beginning of the seventeenth century a Brahmin named Bishnudas Hazra received the zamindari here. Note that later he got the title of Raja. Raja Indranarayan was a famous and powerful king of this dynasty. ...... read full story

Sri Sri Gopinath Deur Temple / Gopinathpur Temple
Joypurhat  >>  Akkelpur

This Sri Sri Gopinath Deur temple can be seen at Gopinathpur village of Akkelpur upazila of Joypurhat district. This place is situated about 7 kilometers away from Akkelpur Upazila. The temple is believed to have been built in the fifteenth century during Pal period. Locally, this is known as Gopinathpur Temple. The temple is about 50 feet high. Every year there are fairs in Dolphirima. Not only the fair, the natural surroundings of this temple are also beautiful. The temple is counted as a unique symbol of ancient civilization. ...... read full story

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