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Sonabariya Nabaratna Temple / Math Temple
Satkhira >>  Kalaroa

This nabaratna temple is in Sonbariya of Kalaroa upazila of Satkhira district. The temple is about 60 feet high. It was built in 1767. This temple, rich in terracotta, will still delight its past beauty. ...... read full story

Nabaratna Temple
Satkhira >>  Kaliganj

This nabaratna temple is located in Demrail, about 5 miles from the Kaliganj thana of Satkhira district. The construction strategy of the temple is different from the other temples. The main cell in the temple is round. Such construction techniques can not be seen. The construction of the temple is very similar to Dinajpur's traditional Kantaji temple. There were varanda and other rooms around the main room. This temple is known as the Nabaratna Temple, because there is only one peak on the main chamber. There were also some other peaks, which are not present. King Bikramaditya built this temple around 1580. On the wall of the temple, various types of flowers, Radhakrishna couple statues, gunfire heroes, rath yatra of the soldiers on horseback etc. have been perfected. ...... read full story

Satkhira >>  Satkhira Sadar

In Satkhira district headquarter, there are 5 temples at one place named Maarbari. The surroundings of the temples are surrounded by a wall. There are 5 temples at the same place, so it is called Panchmandir. The largest temple in these five temples is the Annapurna Temple This Annapurna temple is in the middle of the other four temples. Anandamayami temple on the southern side of the Annapurna temple, Radhagovinda temple on the north side, Shiva Bhairab temple on the east, and the temple of the west is Kalavirab Temple. In 1797, it was known that the king of King Krishna Chandra's emperor, Bishnaram, built these temples. ...... read full story

Lord Shiva Temple of Kapileshwar
Sirajganj >>  Tarash

This Shiva temple built in Kapileshwar of Taras upazila of Sirajganj district is an ancient Shiva temple. According to the inscription, in 1635, a devout Hindu named Navaranarayan Dev built this temple. Later, in 1714, a person named Balaram Rai repaired the temple. The building of the temple is built in a square. There are only 1 entrance route on the south wall of the building and the peak is only 1. There are different types of images on the wall of the temple. ...... read full story

Nabaratna Temple
Sirajganj >>  Ullapara

There are several ancient temples at Hatikumrail village under Ullapara upazila of Sirajganj district. Among them the name of the largest temple is the Nabaratna Temple. It's built in square. The design of this temple is very much like the design of Kantaji Temple of Dinajpur. The temple has 9 peaks. Inside the temple, there was a swing platform for the statue of Radha-Krisna. Due to this, the temple was also called Dolomanch Temple. A Shivamandir with a peak made of square will be seen near this temple. The portrait of the creature of the terracotta on the temple wall of Shiva temple will be impressed by tourists. These temples are estimated to have been built in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries. ...... read full story

Gorakkhnath Temple
Thakurgaon >>  Ranisankail

This Goraknath temple is the ancient religious place of the Naths among Hindus. This ancient temple is situated in the village of Nekmorad in Ranisankail upazila of Thakurgaon district. The temple is surrounded by walls. Its beauty can not be understood from the wall outside. However, when entering the visitors, visitors are easily fascinated by seeing the temple's construction techniques. There is a well in the premises of the temple, it is known as Gorqui well. The water of the well remains in the same height throughout the year, which is why the Nathists regard the water of the well as holy water. There are several other beautifully temples around the temple. One of the temples is Mahadev Mandir and the other two are Shiva Mandir and Kali Mandir. The construction techniques of the temples, especially the upper domed pinnacle of the temple, are an exceptional construction technique. It is believed that the temple was built sometime in the ninth century or near. The fair is organized every year for the temple. ...... read full story

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