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Mahadev Temple
Brahmanbaria >>  Kasba

You can see this temple named Mahadev temple near Baek-Choumhani bus stand in Baek village in Kasba upazila of Brahmanbaria district. The construction techniques of the temple will fascinate you.The temple is made of octagon. Apart from the north of the temple, there are 9 entrance paths in 3 different directions. On the outer wall of the temple, the design of various deities of gods and goddesses has been enhanced in an beautiful and interesting way. The temple was estimated to be built in the seventeenth century. And it is built by the direction of Maharaja Manikya Bahadur of Tripura. ...... read full story

Nabinagar Math
Brahmanbaria >>  Nabinagar

There are two ancient monasteries along with the Nabinagar upazila headquarters of Brahmanbaria district. Between two monasteries a bigger shape is known as the big monastery. Another monastery is known as small monastery. There are reports, the monasteries are the first zamindars of Nabinagar, Sitaram Poddar and his wife's tomb. The big math is the tomb of zamindar Sitaram. Monasteries are octagonal in land design. Among the two monasteries, the small monasteries which is the property of the zamindar's wife tomb, it is a beautiful sight. Although the monastery is not present right now, this construction strategy still impresses the tourists. ...... read full story

Sattidah Temple
Brahmanbaria >>  Nabinagar

This ancient temple can be seen in Bidakut village of Nabinagar upazila of Brahmanbaria district. It is known that During the time of the extinction of the Hindu society's Sati Dah, this temple is the last resort of Sati Dah. ...... read full story

Lohagara Monastery
Chandpur >>  Faridgonj

You can see this ancient monastery in Lohagara village of Faridganj upazila in Chandpur district. It was assumed that it was built around 1760. ...... read full story

Neora monastery
Chandpur >>  Hajiganj

This monastery is located in a village named Neora in Hajiganj upazila of Chandpur district. A man named Satyaram Majumdar built this monastery in 1791. The monastery is also known to many as Satyam Majumder Math. It is a foundation built on the platform, sticking on it. It is about 27.40m high. Terracotta ornaments on the walls of the monastery are still fascinated by tourists. ...... read full story

Behula Paternal Residence, Behula Dighi, Manasa Mura
Chandpur >>  Kachua

Behula-Lakshmindar and Sarparaj are very few people who do not know the legendary story of Manasa's Hindu deity. Some of the famous poets like Kann Haridatta, Bijay Gupta, Bipradas, Pipilai, Banshidas, and other famous poets of early age highlighted the story of Behula Lakshmindara, living in Padmapuran, Manasapuddh, Lokgiti etc. The heroine of the story was Behula, the daughter of Shiva. In the Bhuiyaara village of East Sahedebpur Union of Kachua upazila of Chandpur district, you will see the existence of Behula, the serpent of his husband Lakshmindara and the goddess of Manapa Devi. To see the paternal home of Behula, you have to go to the village of Uzani in Kachua upazila. Today, the paternal house of Behula is known as Khandaker Ghar. Once upon a time, it was a royal house. A big pond located on the south side of this Rajabari, which is known as the Behula Dighi. There are also ruins of some ancient temples found in Rajbari. In this upazila, between the 4 villages of Sahebbpur Eastern Union, you can see the monastery. It is also known as Manasar Banshhara. It is common that there were numerous snakes in this region.
According to the tradition described in Puranas, Chand Sodagar, father of Behula's husband Laxmindar was a servant of Durga devi. Manasa was the daughter of Sati's of Durga devi.In order to not worship Manasa in the state, Goddess Durga ordered Chand Sodagar, and Chand Sodagar stopped worshiping Manasa Devi in her state. By this, Manasa Devi was angry and killed six sons of Chand Sodagar. Finally, Laxmindar, the youngest son of Chand Saudagar, was killed by snakes in the night of Basar. For the new daughter-in-law and her child Laxmindar would be subjected to the wrath of Manasa, Because of this Chand Sodagar ordered that to create a viable iron house. But under the pressure of the sage Manasa, the worker who put a fine hole in the basar house, and through that hole Kalnag entered the house and killed Laxmindar. At that time, Behula says, 'If I am a sincere woman, I can certainly save Lakshmindara, so that without giving my husband's funeral, I will flush him in the sea with the husband to save him. Behula flown with her husband and took her husband to the state of Manasa named Kailashpuri of the Himalayas. By pledging poison from Laxmindar's body, with the promise that her father-in-law will worship Manasa's goddess, At the same time, she returned from the reassurance of returning his 6 brother-in-laws and assuring the return of the wealth of Chand Sodagar to the river. All that happened with Behula told her mother-in-law, Sanka Devi, and Sanka Devi convinces Chand Sodagar to worship Manasa goddess in order to get back 7 sons and riches. Immediately after worshiping the goddess Manasa, Manasa Goddess returns seven children of Chand Saudagar and riches to Chand Sodagar. ...... read full story

Tulatali monastery / Jatra Monir monastery
Chandpur >>  Kachua

A village named Tulatali in Kachua upazila of Chandpur district has a monumental monastery. According to the village, this monastery is known as Tulatali Math. This monastery is believed to have been built in the eighteenth century. Various designs of monastery walls can be seen, among them, there are flowers, leaves and pictures of animals besides the different animal species. A man named Jatramoni Majumdar built this math. This monastery is also known as Jatmomanar Math. ...... read full story

Sitakunda Chandranath hill, Temple / Mahadev temple and Sita temple
Chattogram >>  Sitakunda

Sitakunda is an upazila of Chittagong district. Its distance from Chittagong city is about 38 kilometers. The natural environment of the upazila is very charming. At the same time, hills, oceans, forests make up this upazila. It is a tourist center and religious place to people of Hindu and Muslim religion. It is a holy land of twelve Awlia for Muslims. The temple situated at Chandranath hill in this upmarket is again a pilgrimage center for Hindu religion. The temple is also known as Mahadev Temple. About 4 kilometers away from Sitakunda, this temple will be seen. In every year Shiva Chaturdashi (Falgun Month in Bengali) fair is organized by the Hindu community. During this time, not only the different districts of Bangladesh, but also many pilgrims from different countries, including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, walked on this Chandranath hill. You can enjoy the whole Sitakunda environment from this mountain. If you want to see the temple, it will be about 1155 feet high by 700 steps. It is estimated that in the eighteenth century it was built. There will be another temple beside the temple of Sitakunda. This temple is known as Sita Mandir. ...... read full story

Adinath Temple
Coxs Bazar >>  Moheshkhali

The Adinath temple is situated at the top of Maineak hill in Thakurtala village under Gorhgata union of Maheshkhali upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This temple is the most attractive spot on Maheshkhali Island. This is one of the pilgrimages of Hindu religion. According to the Ramayana, this place is the biggest pilgrimage site of Hindu religion. Adinath started in the era of Rama and Ravana before 1500 BC. An annual fair is held here on the Shiva Chaturdashi or the 14th day of the darker half of the month of Falguna. Many pilgrims arrive from various countries on pilgrimage to the temple. Inside the temple there are eight-armed Durga (Idol), Worship room, Adinath Banalinga Shiva. Located in the mountainous green environment, this temple is about 200 feet high from the plane. Stairs are arranged on the hillside to go to this temple. ...... read full story

Ramkot Hindu Temple
Coxs Bazar >>  Ramu

This Ramakot Hindu Temple is one of the pilgrimage sites of Hinduism. This temple can be seen at Ramkot in Ramu upazila of Cox's Bazar district. The Hindu community believes that Sita was here for some time during Banawas. It was estimated that in 1494 this temple was built. ...... read full story

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