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Jor Bangla Temple and Dashbhuja Temple
Magura >>  Mohammadpur

In the Mohammadpur upazila of Magura district, you can see a large pond on the east side of the palace of Raja Sitaram. The pond is known as Lakshmi Narayan Pukur. There is a temple next to this pond. The temple was a temple of Dashbhuja. This temple was built in 1699. There are two temples along the east side of the temple. The temple is built in the style of Dochala house in rural Bengal. Therefore, both of the temples are called "Jor Bangla Temples". Jor Bangla Temple is a Srikrishna Temple. It was built in the 1700s. At present, the Jor Bangla Temple and the Dashbhuja Temple are both ruined. ...... read full story

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Magura >>  Mohammadpur

Laksmi Narayan Temple is one of the main attractions of Raja Sitaram of Mohammadpur fort in Mohammadpur upazila of Magura district. According to the inscription of the temple, this temple was built in 1704. The temple is an octagonal temple. Raja Sitaram had established a ikon here. Today the temple is ruined. ...... read full story

Gauranga Math
Manikganj >>  Manikganj Sadar

It is a noteworthy archaeological heritage of Manikganj district. Marble stones were used to build this beautiful monastery. In 1952, landlord Manmohan Roy Choudhury constructed it here. ...... read full story

Temples of Ballabhpur
Meherpur >>  Meherpur Sadar

The existence of 7 ancient temples has been found in Ballabhpur village of Baguan Union of Sadar upazila of Meherpur district. These temples were established on about 3 bighas of land. There is a large temple among the temples, which is in the middle of the other temples. Among the other temples, there were 2 temples on the southern side of this large temple, 1 in the north and 3 temples on the west The monument built on the main chamber of the big temple was like a monastery. There were also 4 pinnacles in the 4 corners of the main chamber. For this reason, this large temple built in the middle was also called Pancharatna temple. The images of different animals were painted on the wall of the big temple. The temples can be seen along the road of Ballabhpur village. ...... read full story

Gold colored pair monastery
Munshiganj >>  Tongibari

This gold colored pair monastery is located in Tongibari upazila of Munshiganj district. Together there are two monasteries here. In the seventeenth century these two monasteries were thought to be built. The monastery is built around a base platform of about 12 feet. These are used to make lime, gourd and brick. The monastery is two highly scrumptious. ...... read full story

Jora Temple
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

There are two temples on the same altar, 6 feet high in a place adjacent to Kalibari pond in Muktagacha upazila headquarters of Mymensingh district. The temple is known as the two zodiac temples. Locally, many people also known it as the Kali temple or Jod Mandir. The first landlord of Muktagachha, Bimla Devi, wife of Gaurikanta, of the family of Srikrishna Acharya Chowdhury, built it in 1820 AD. He also excavated the Kalibari pond adjacent to the temple to prevent the drinking water problem of the local people. The height of the temple is about 30 feet. At one time, there was a statue of Kali inside the temple, which was made of touchstone. ...... read full story

Three Shiva temples
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

A large 3-domed temple built on a rectangular base can be seen in front of the landlord house of Muktagachha. There are 3 rooms in the temple. The first zamindar of Muktagachha Srikrishna Acharya Chowdhury's first son Krishak Chandra built it. It is believed that in the eighteenth century it was built. The height of the temple is about 37 feet. Special festivals and fairs are held here in Shiv Chuvoarshit Tithi every year in Falgun. The construction techniques of the temple impress the tourists. ...... read full story

Shiva temple
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

You can see an ancient Shiva temple in the adjoining Kotwali thana of sadar upazila of Mymensingh district. Shivamandir was built in the eighteenth century. Locally, this temple is also known as Mathabhanga Math. In 1885 an earthquake collapsed in the monastery. ...... read full story

Panchayatan temple / Botakrishna king's house
Naogaon >>  Dhamoirhat

This pentagonal-shaped temple can be seen at Jagaddal Mauja in Dhamurhat upazila of Naogaon district. There is a temple in a four-cornered archaeological site. Several small cell walls can be seen on the wall on the four sides of the site. There is a main statue room here. There are places to keep more than four statues around this statue's room. According to the position of the statues, it is considered as Panchayatan Temple. The establishment is considered to be the oldest panchayatan temple in Bangladesh. In many parts of the temple, many polished black rocks will be seen. The statues of gods and goddesses are painted on these black stones. It is believed that the terracotta plaques, pottery, lipid, etc. rescued from this site can be built in the 12-13th century. Many people think that this temple is a part of Jagadal Mahavihara. The site is also known as King Batakrishna's house by many of the locality. ...... read full story

Jagannath Temple of Handiyal
Pabna >>  Chatmohar

You can see an ancient temple in a union called Handiyal in Chatmohar upazila of Pabna district. It is a Jagannath temple. The height of the temple is about 40 feet. Although the temple is not known for its construction period, according to an inscription on the temple, a person named Bhabani Palace Das renovated this temple in 1590. ...... read full story

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