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District : Cox's bazar

Coxs Bazar
Coxs Bazar >>  

Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh, is one of the most attractive spot among the world's tourist spots. Sea beach of Cox's Bazar is the longest beach in the world. Mountains, seas, forests, fountains, archaeological sites, and small islands that rise on the seashore, can all be held together in Cox's Bazar district. Here are several international quality motels for tourists. Many markets have been developed. But the Burmese market of Cox's Bazar district has become the main target of tourists. Garments made from Rangamati, Bandarban and local Rakhines are found in these Burmese shops. There are also Burmese lungi, girls' color coatings, Rangamati cotton bags, Burmese sandals, sandalis, various types of Burmese rituals, bone-making flowers of different animals, Shops, hand buds, mussels and snails made etc are available here. Tourists visiting here do not forget to take the name of themselves or their loved ones on the mussels or snails. ...... read full story

Safari park
Coxs Bazar >>  Chakaria

One of the country's safari park is located in Dulhajara of Chakoria upazila of Cox's Bazar district. It is the country's first Safari Park. This safari park is located beside the Chittagong-Cox's Bazar road. It is a sanctuary of extinct animals. Each animal has a different diversion to move freely. Tourism Tower has been built here. In the winter season, there is a rush to the place for education tour and picnic from far and wide countries. This Safari park has been developed with about 900 hectares of area. This safari park is about 50 kilometers away from Cox's Bazar district town, known as tourism capital. ...... read full story

Agomedha Buddhist Vihara
Coxs Bazar >>  Coxs Bazar Sadar

Aggaamdha Buddhist Vihara can be seen in Sadar upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This temple is built on the top of a small hill. The Vihara was built in the eighteenth century. It is known that an arakani merchant named Siu Janu built this temple. Siu Janu named the Vihara after the name of his guru Aggaamdha. Siu Janu, this temple used this temple to celebrate family religious ceremonies. Captain Cox further expanded the Bihar built by Sue Janu. Bihar has white stone and bronze Buddha statue. Further, there is a copy of the entire Tripitaka and various texts written in the ancient Burmese style. ...... read full story

Khuruskul Vihara
Coxs Bazar >>  Coxs Bazar Sadar

This Vihara can be seen in Khurusul union of Cox's Bazar district sadar. There are about 150 Buddhist statues in Vihara. They are made of bronze and silver. Among the Buddhist statues, you can see the Buddha of the third and fifth centuries. Apart from this, the scriptures written on ancient Talpatti in the Burmese alphabet and poly-language of 1177 are preserved in this Vihara. ...... read full story

Longest Marine Drive
Coxs Bazar >>  Coxs Bazar Sadar

Want to travel by the side of the world's largest beach? Want to enjoy the sea-mountain form? Then, Marine Drive will be the best place for you. This road, about 80 kilometers long, starts from Kotalatli in the city of Cox's Bazar and ends in Sabrang Economic Zone of Teknaf upazila. On the journey, not only the beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean, the tourists will be impressed by the sea shores of the sea, the rocky sea beach inani beach, mountainous stream. There are other amenities, including parking for tourists along the street. On May 6, 2016, this long marine drive (Sea Shore Road) is opened for public transportation. ...... read full story

The largest turtle sculpture in the world
Coxs Bazar >>  Coxs Bazar Sadar

The world's largest turtle sculpture has been built on Piper Island of Cox's Bazar. The sculpture was created by sculptor Rony Ahmed. This is 18 feet high, 35 feet wide and 57 feet tall. The sculpture has been named Cosmic Turtle Visiting Green Earth. ...... read full story

Himchari hill
Coxs Bazar >>  Coxs Bazar Sadar

The Himchari spot will be seen in Cox's Bazar headquarters. On the seashore of the sea, it has created a beautiful scenery of fountains. It's an interesting place for shooting spot and picnic spot. Here you can enjoy a lot of small hills, fountains, zaw forests, birds, ocean crutches, unlimited waterships. ...... read full story

Kutubdia Lighthouse
Coxs Bazar >>  Kutubdia

Kutubdia, an island awakening in the vast waters of the sea, is an upazila, which belongs to Cox's Bazar district. This Kutubdia location is about 55 kilometers away from the city of Cox's Bazar.There is a beach about 22 kilometers long on this island. One of the attractions of this tourist spot is "Kutubdia Lighthouse". ...... read full story

Baraghaup Beach
Coxs Bazar >>  Kutubdia

A sea beach can be seen in Baraghaup Union of Kutubdia upazila of Cox's Bazar district. It is known as the Baraghaup sea beach. The beach length is more than 20 kilometers. ...... read full story

Adinath Temple
Coxs Bazar >>  Moheshkhali

The Adinath temple is situated at the top of Maineak hill in Thakurtala village under Gorhgata union of Maheshkhali upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This temple is the most attractive spot on Maheshkhali Island. This is one of the pilgrimages of Hindu religion. According to the Ramayana, this place is the biggest pilgrimage site of Hindu religion. Adinath started in the era of Rama and Ravana before 1500 BC. An annual fair is held here on the Shiva Chaturdashi or the 14th day of the darker half of the month of Falguna. Many pilgrims arrive from various countries on pilgrimage to the temple. Inside the temple there are eight-armed Durga (Idol), Worship room, Adinath Banalinga Shiva. Located in the mountainous green environment, this temple is about 200 feet high from the plane. Stairs are arranged on the hillside to go to this temple. ...... read full story

Moheshkhali Island
Coxs Bazar >>  Moheshkhali

This Moheshkhali is known as the only mountainous island of Bangladesh. The island is located about 12 kilometers away from Cox's Bazar district. When you go to this island, you have to go to the engine-driven boat. It takes only 1 to 1 hour and 30 minutes. A wonderful combination of the mountains and the sea has occurred on this island. Eye-catching natural environment of the island is particularly attractive to tourists. The island's mountain forests, the ocean's roar makes the travelers feel calm and relaxed. Here, Adinath Temple is one of the pilgrimage places of Hindu community. ...... read full story

Sonadia Island / Para Island
Coxs Bazar >>  Moheshkhali

This Sonadia island is located in Kutubjom union under Maheshkhali upazila of Cox's Bazar district. Torn island is 7 km away from the city of Cox's Bazar. The only transport system for the boat to go to this island is the engine-driven boat. Without some fishermen families, no one lives on this island regularly. Wake up on the sea's huge chest, there is plenty of wild duck and water duck in the island. In the winter season, lots of guests birds arrive here. You can see the abundance of mussels, pearls and snails in this island. There will be numerous red crab in the show. The island of Sonadia is also known as Para Island. The island has the world's largest Zhouban This island is surrounded by 3 beaches on the beach, only 9 square kilometers. ...... read full story

Sima Bihar
Coxs Bazar >>  Ramu

This Sima Vihara can be seen in the Kul Union of Fatekhana in Ramu thana of Cox's Bazar district. It is estimated that about four hundred years ago it was established. ...... read full story

Lamapara Buddhist Vihara
Coxs Bazar >>  Ramu

The Lamapara Buddhist Vihara is located at Lamapara village of Kotal union of Fatekhon under Ramu upazila of Cox's Bazar. The Vihara is made of wood. It's wooden craftsmanship is very pleasing. There are more Buddhist monasteries here. Among the monasteries, there are 5 bronze statues in the big temple. This great Vihara was built during the reign of akan raj, arakanaraj al khan (1580 - 1665). Two Rakhain zamindars, two small Bihar Dungs, were built in the eighteenth century on the two sides of this Vihara. There is a big brass bell in front of the Vihara. ...... read full story

Ramkot Buddhist Vihara
Coxs Bazar >>  Ramu

You can see this Vihara at Ramkot in Ramu upazila of Cox's Bazar district. The Buddhist statue set in the Vihara is very ancient. According to locals, the statue can be from pre-BC. There is a legend, the Vihara and monument were built by Emperor Ashok. Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha entered this place. For this reason, this place of Vihara is a sacred place for the Buddhist community. This temple has become an interesting tourist spot in the hills surrounded by forests, which has become a tourist attraction. ...... read full story

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