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District : Cox's bazar

Ramkot Hindu Temple
Coxs Bazar >>  Ramu

This Ramakot Hindu Temple is one of the pilgrimage sites of Hinduism. This temple can be seen at Ramkot in Ramu upazila of Cox's Bazar district. The Hindu community believes that Sita was here for some time during Banawas. It was estimated that in 1494 this temple was built. ...... read full story

Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

Teknaf Upazila is situated about 85 kilometers away from Cox's Bazar district headquarters. The Mathin's well, the Kamala Rani Dighi, the Naf river, the Shah Parir Island of this region are very interesting tourist spots to tourists. Its transportation system is also good from Cox's Bazar. Direct bus services are available from this upazila to Cox's Bazar. You can also go for renting a microbus or private car. If you want to go to the island of St. Martin on the southernmost land of Bangladesh, you have to leave from here. From here the tourism launches leaves. The river Naf river in this upazila has divided Bangladesh and Myanmar into two parts. The boats of both countries are flown by the flags of their respective countries in the river. The structure of boats of the two countries is different. There is a Burmese market in Teknaf. There are many things found here, which are made of Myanmar. The behavior of the Burmese market, especially one of the most appealing ones to the tourists. ...... read full story

Mathin's well
Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

You can see a well known as Mathin's well in Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar district. Distance from Cox's Bazar to Teknaf upazila is about 80 kilometers. Mathin's well is a silent witness of the love of the daughter of , the daughter of Teknaf, Rakhine Zamindhana and the love of the police SI Dhiraj Bhattacharj. The well is located in the Teknaf upazila thana. Mathin daily came to take water from the well located in front of the police station, and at that time, gradually got involved with SI Dhirej of the police station. At one time their relationship will get married. Zamindar thinks of the happiness of his daughter's daughter and gives a similar opinion in marriage. But the police officers went to Calcutta after taking leave from their families before considering marriage and aristocracy. Zamindar's daughter, Mathin, died on one occasion in the mourning of unmarried all his life. Since then, the well has been named as Mathin's well. The well is still standing with the memories of Mathin's love. ...... read full story

Island of Jaliya
Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

This is the island of Jaliya, a small island in the Naf river at Myanmar border, about 2 kilometers away from Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This is one of the entertainment spots for tourism lovers. Naf tourism park is being built here on the hills and islands. ...... read full story

Shah Pari Island
Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

The island of Shah Pari is located in Sabarang union of Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar. Naf river flowing along the island. This river has divided Bangladesh and Myanmar into two countries. ...... read full story

Torn Island
Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

Saint Martin, a small island awakening to the sea, about 30 kilometers south of Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This small island is about 5 kilometers away from the island of St. Martin. This island is primarily a part of St. Martin's Island. During the tide, the island is separated from St. Martin and it is called a torn island. If you want to come here from St. Martin during the tide, then you have to come in an engine-driven boat. But during the tide, it is possible to walk here from St. Martin. However, if you do not know the time of the tide, it is best to not walk here from St. Martin. If you fall into a tidal period, you will be able to get into sea water. The small island is less than 3 kilometers in size. But with the tide-less, its volume decreases and increases. And there is no permission to stay on this island at night. So if you want to visit this island you will come in such a way that you can leave it right after the sun sets. ...... read full story

St. Martin's Island / Coconut Ginzira
Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

The island of St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. To many people, this place is also known as coconut jinzira. Because of the island's many coconut trees, its name is called coconut jinzira. This is a small island awakening on the sea, about 30 kilometers south of Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar district. The St. Martin's Island is one of the favourite places to visit in Cox's Bazar. In the winter season, especially since December to March, because the sea is not fierce, this is the best time to visit this island. You can also stay on this small island. There are several good quality hotels built here to stay. The atmosphere of the island is very pleasant. Especially the moonlight night. The vast waterside and ocean waves will create a different feeling around them. You can walk around the beach on the island. The island is also very close to the little island, which is also known as Chera dip (Torn Island). If you go from St. Martin to this little island, it is better to go in a large engine-driven boat. This torn island does not have permission to stay on the night. The island of St. Martin is about 9 square kilometers. If you want to see the whole island can walk on foot. During the tidal period, the area of ​​the island increases-decreases. Around the huge waterside of the four sides and waking up in the middle of the island, once you visit, you will want to come back again. If you have a good fortune, you can see the dolphin skull on the way to this island by touring ships from Teknaf. ...... read full story

Pathabari Buddhist Vihara
Coxs Bazar >>  Ukhiya

This Pathabari Buddhist Vihara will be seen in Ukhia upazila of Cox's Bazar district. One of the most visited places of Ukhia. The Vihara is known to be more than 200 years old. ...... read full story

Kanaraja tunnel
Coxs Bazar >>  Ukhiya

There is a tunnel on the Nidaniya hills of Jaliyapalang union of Ukhiya upazila of Cox's Bazar district. It is known as Kanaraja tunnel. There is a legend, a Rakhain king made this cave. ...... read full story

Inani Sea Beach
Coxs Bazar >>  Ukhiya

This Inani sea beach is located in Ukhia upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This beach is about 27 kilometers away from Cox's Bazar headquarters. It is more an attractive spot from Cox's Bazar beach. On the one side of this beach, the vast water channels on the one hand and the mountains and green arrangements on the other side will fascinate you. There are numerous coral stone creations. You will see plenty of algae. In addition to wild animals, birds and oysters, everything will take you in its own world of nature. ...... read full story

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