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Rampal Dighi
Munshiganj >>  Munshiganj Sadar

The ancient Dighi is located in the village of Sukhbhaspur in Rampal union of Munshiganj district. There is a legend that, King Ballal Sen built this dighi to eliminate the sufferings of the people. It is said, one day King Ballal Sen announced that as long as his elderly mother could walk one night, he would dig that amount After this announcement, the king deliberately stops his mother after his old mother walks a long way. The king thought the old mother could not go far. Later, as his mother walked, he dug up the tigress till then. And this dighi was named Rampal Dighi. ...... read full story

Orchid gardens
Mymensingh >>  Fulbaria

For people who grow Orchid plants due to the hobby, the garden can be a kingdom of heaven. There is a large orchard garden in Enayetpur union of Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh. Here you can see different varieties, different color orchid plants. This garden has more than 200 orchids on about 20 acres of land. Many orchid lovers come here from different parts of the country to collect Orchid seedlings. It is situated about 12 kilometers away from Fulbaria upazila. ...... read full story

Santoshpur rubber garden
Mymensingh >>  Fulbaria

If you want to spend time in natural beauty surrounded by a huge area, you can choose this garden of the Sundarpur garden. In roughly 106 acres of land, this rubber garden of Bangladesh Department will take you in an intensified environment. Tourists visiting here will see some rare species of monkeys in this garden. You will have to come to Santoshpur in Naoga union of Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh district to visit this rubber garden in Santoshpur. ...... read full story

Flat Land Tea Garden
Panchagarh >>  Tetulia

When you hear about the tea garden, you can imagine the green garden on mountain slopes. Panchagarh tea garden will change the idea of ​​a permanent scene with this environment. Because it is not a hilly area, it is a flat land area. The tea gardens, built on this flat ground in Panchagarh, will fascinate you. Several tea gardens have been set up here under private initiative. ...... read full story

Hakaluki Haor
Sylhet >>  Beanibazar

Hakaluki haor, the biggest haor of Bangladesh, is known as haakuli haor. There is a part of Fenchuganj, Beanibazar, Gopalganj Upazila of Sylhet district. The remaining part is in Moulvibazar district. Moulvibazar has more than half of the haor (about 70 percent). Extends in Baralekha, Juri, Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar district. There are approximately 238 bills in the haor. This haor is a large reservoir of Bangladesh's protected freshwater. In the winter there is the arrival of guest birds from various corners. Originally these guest birds came from Siberia in the northern part of Asia. In the monsoon season, the oathies are filled with water all around. It will seem like it's a sea. There are more than 500 species of plants in haor; And it has hundreds of species of fish. If you want to visit Haor, you can go to any of the villages of Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar district. From there you can roam the boat in this haor. Not only Kulaura, but in other upazilas of Sylhet where this haor is spread - you can go to haor from any one of it. ...... read full story

Malanichara tea garden
Sylhet >>  Sylhet Sadar

Malanichara tea garden is considered as the oldest tea garden in Bangladesh. It is known that during the British period an English named Harson established this tea garden. This tea garden was established in 1854. The tea garden will be available near Sylhet airport. You must take permission from the garden authorities to visit the tea garden. This tea garden is a suitable place for those who want to visit Sylhet for a short while and want to see tea gardens. From Sylhet city to the airport road, you can come here on any vehicle. ...... read full story

Surzapuri Mango Tree
Thakurgaon >>  Baliadangi

The mango tree is situated in Hariñamari of Baliaadangi upazila in the border area of ​​Thakurgaon district. Due to its huge expanse and antiquity, the mango tree is well-known. This plant is spread over two bighas of land. The plant's estimated age is 200 years or more. ...... read full story

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