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District : Tangail

Delduar Rajbari / Zamindar Bari
Tangail >>  Delduar

Delduar zamindarbari is one of the oldest monuments in Dalduar upazila of Tangail district. If you look at this zamindar building, it will seem like a zamindar is still in the building. The zamindari building is still standing as before. This landmark building is still a new one. On the main door of the zamindari house there is a special design like a crown on the roof. ...... read full story

Atiya Jami Mosque and the shrine of Shah Adam Kashmiri
Tangail >>  Delduar

This mosque is located at Atiya, in Delduar upazila of Tangail district. It is the oldest mosque in Tangail district. Saeed Khan Panni, son of Bayezid Khan Panni, built this mosque in 1608-09. Mohammed Khan, an architect who had planned and built the mosque. The main room of the mosque is built in a square. There is a large dome on this room. There are 3 small domes in the eastern balcony. The wall of the mosque is very thick, it is about 7.5 feet. There are 4 octagonal monuments in the 4 corners of the mosque. The interior wall of the mosque has 3 lovely mihrabs. There are 3 more entrances to the eastern balcony and there are 3 more entrances to the main cell. In the same way there are two entrance paths on the north-south wall along the balcony. The mosque has a wonderful combination of the architectural style of Sultanate and Mughal period. On the other hand, the architecture of Bengal and its decorations all appear in terracotta and brick padding designs. All in all, it is an establishment of an extravagant spectacle.
There is a shrine near the mosque. It is the grave of a pir called 'Shah Baba Kashmiri'. Shah Baba Kashmiri was born in the fifteenth century. There are reports that he came here to spread religion. According to an inscription on the grave, he was buried here in the year 1507. You can come here from the Tangail headquarters in CNG or any other vehicle. ...... read full story

Delduar Zamindar Bari Mosque
Tangail >>  Delduar

The Zamindar Bari Mosque of Delduar Upazila in Tangail is a unique example of a beautiful architecture. It is a three-domed mosque. Four towers can be seen in four corners. There are small shaped dome on top of these towers. There are also two relatively narrow tunnels built on the entrance of the mosque. On top of each of them there are small dome. The mosque is built in rectangular shape. ...... read full story

Dhalapara Chowdhury Bari and Jame Mosque
Tangail >>  Ghatail

There is a beautiful old house in Dhalpara union of Ghatail upazila of Tangail district. It is known to the locals as Dhalapara Chowdhury Bari. This Chowdhury house is about 100 years old. There is an amateur kachari house next to Chowdhury's house. The walls and ceilings of the main building was decorated. The mosque is also decorated with artwork. The mosque is built by Chamir Uddin Chowdhury and Jamir Uddin Chowdhury, the next generation Chowdhury dynasty. The mosque is located near Dhalapara Bazar. It is situated about 12 kilometers away from Ghatail upazila. From the Ghatail Upazila Sadar, you can easily reach the Rajbari with CNG. ...... read full story

Building of Pori / Hemnagar zamindar house
Tangail >>  Gopalpur

This building is situated at village Shimlapara of Hemnagar union under Gopalpur upazila. On the top of this building, there are two royal decorations and local residents called it the building of the fairy (Porir Building). Zamindar Hemchandra Chowdhury constructed this building in 1890. Hemchandra's building is surrounded by a number of buildings, which were owned by zamindar relatives. There is one hundred rooms in this double-decked palace. The surroundings of the landlord house surrounded by walls. The zamindar house was once very splendid and graceful. In the evolution of time, many traditions of the zamindarbari are losing today. In 1946 Zamindar Hemchandra Chowdhury left this zamindari and went to Calcutta. Later in 1979 this zamindar house was used as Hemnagar Khandker Asaduzzaman Degree College. At present, some of the zamindarbari cells are in broken state. This Hemnagar zamindar house is located in Hemnagar union, about 11-12 km from Gopalpur upazila. ...... read full story

Dhanbari Nawab Palace and Mosque
Tangail >>  Madhupur

There are different structures at Nawabbari / Zamindarbari of Dhanbari of Madhupur upazila of Tangail district. It is located about 15 kilometers from Tangail District. Among the establishments, Nawab Manzil, Nawab Palace, Nawab Shah Mosque, flower garden, indoor mahal, dighi, museum etc. are notable. It was the zamindari of Nawab Bahadur Syed Ali Chowdhury, the first proponent of Bengali language. Nawab Manzil was the residence of Nawab. This Nawab palace has now been turned into a tourist center. The nawab manzil is a unique creation of a 4-domed architectural style. The building has 4 large rooms and several small rooms. There is a large arcade on the east side of the building. A three-story building will be seen near the arcade. The building can be found in the composition of European and domestic architectures. A mosque named Nawab Shahee Masjid is next to Nawab Palace. Nawab Bahadur Syed Ali Chowdhury, including Nawab family, are lying beside the mosque. In the museum of the palace, you can see all the utensils, arms, garments etc. used by the Nawabs. ...... read full story

Madhupur garh / Shal forest / eco park and picnic spot
Tangail >>  Madhupur

Madhupur Shal-Forest, the third largest natural forest in Bangladesh. It is known to the locals as Gajari Forest. There are several ethnic groups living in the forest including Garo, Coach, Dwaram. In the winter there are many visitors to visit. Some people come to make a picnic with team. There are also two picnic spots named Jasmine and Chameli. There is also a restroom. If you want, you can also rest here. This Madhupur forest is about 46 kilometers away from Tangail district town. At the end of the winter, when the new leaf comes to the branches of the forest, the beauty of this forest increases several times. If you walk on foot through the forest, the dry words of the dry leaves lying on the ground and the new green leaves on the head and the birds puffs will take you to another country of nature. To enter this Shal forest you will have to go to a place called Rasulpur Mazar at Tangail-Mymensingh Road. Here is the main gate of Madhupur National Park. ...... read full story

Mahera landlord house
Tangail >>  Mirzapur

Currently this landlord house has been used as a police training center since 1972. Even after the reforms, the past has not diminished. The main landlord house is double-decked. To enter the main building, you can see 6 tall stacked pillars from the ground up to the ceiling of the two-storey building. These are made of Roman construction style. Two more two-storied buildings, built on either side of the main building, are connected to the original building. Design on the roof of the middle building, it seems as if someone on the top floor of the building has crowned the crown. In front of the landlord house there are lots of flower garden. There are many species of trees around the building, which greatly enhances the beauty of the building. During the great liberation war of 1971, the building was assassinated by the Pakistani occupation force. The important items were destroyed. It is known that two brothers named Kalicharan Saha and Ananda Saha built this landlord house in 1890. They were basically businessmen. Later, during the British rule, his descendants got zamindari. This building is surrounded by - Kachari house, temple, excavated pond, Naib Bhaban etc., built by zamindars This landlord house is not just a sighted place, many also came here to make a picnic. It is also a unique spot for shooting theater. To see this landlord house, you will have to go to the Police Training Center established in Mahira Union of Mirzapur Upazila. You will have to go to the Jamukuri bus stand beside the Dhaka-Tangail highway. From there you can go to the landlord house. ...... read full story

Nagarpur Zamindar Bari / Chowdhury House
Tangail >>  Nagarpur

The zamindar house in Nagarpur upazila of Tangail is one of the most visited tourist spots in Tangail district. It was the house of Satish Chowdhury, son of landlord Upendra Chowdhury. There is a lot of white stone usage in the rajabari. In the eighteenth century this royal house was estimated to be built. The hanging-balcony of the house fascinated the tourists. This landlady house is now being used as the building of Women College. In this Rajbari complex, a building was built for worship. There was also a horse building. You can see this zamindar house in the Nagarpur Upazila Sadar of Tangail District. ...... read full story

Pakutia landlord house
Tangail >>  Nagarpur

Built in 1915, the landlord still holds testimony to the glorious past of zamindars of the time. A person named Ramkrishna Saha Mandal built this landlord house. He got landowning from the English people. There was also the building of the two sons of the zamindar. The construction strategy of this building matches with the construction strategies of East countries. There are Nat Mandir in front of the landlord house. The craftsmanship of the house is still bearing the charm and taste of the zamindars. To see the Pakutia zamindar house you will have to go to Pakutia union of Nagarpur upazila of Tangail district. ...... read full story

The Tebariya Mosque
Tangail >>  Nagarpur

The Tebaria Mosque is an ancient mosque built in the Mughal period. It is known that Abdul Malek Khan Mridha, a native of Teberia village, built the mosque. If you want to see the ancient mosque you will have to go to Tebaria village of Salimabad union of Nagarpur upazila of Tangail. ...... read full story

Upendra Sarobar
Tangail >>  Nagarpur

Roy Bahadur Satish Chowdhury and Suresh Chowdhury, son of Nagarpur zamindar Upendra Chowdhury, digged this Sarobar. Sarobar is situated on 11 acres of land. It is a pond with 12 concrete ghat. Satish Chowdhury and Suresh Chowdhury named Upendra Sarobar in the name of their father, Upendra Chowdhury. This zamindar excavated to eliminate the lack of drinking water of his subjects. During this time, more wells were dug. The palm trees around Sarobar enhances the beauty of the lake. Sarobar and wells are excavated during the period of 1338-1341 BS. An ancient Shiva temple will be seen next to this Upendra Sarobar. This place is easily accessible from Tangail District Town. ...... read full story


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