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District : Sylhet

Gayobi Mosque
Sylhet >>  Balaganj

The Gaayvi Mosque is located at Panchpara village of Osmanpur Union of Balaganj thana. It is a one-domed mosque. The mosque is built in a square. It was estimated that it was built in 1600 AD. The mosque is fully built by bricks. The locals have called it the Gayobi Mosque, because the mosque is discovered from digging the soil. This mosque is located about 8 km away from Balaganj upazila headquarters. ...... read full story

Hakaluki Haor
Sylhet >>  Beanibazar

Hakaluki haor, the biggest haor of Bangladesh, is known as haakuli haor. There is a part of Fenchuganj, Beanibazar, Gopalganj Upazila of Sylhet district. The remaining part is in Moulvibazar district. Moulvibazar has more than half of the haor (about 70 percent). Extends in Baralekha, Juri, Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar district. There are approximately 238 bills in the haor. This haor is a large reservoir of Bangladesh's protected freshwater. In the winter there is the arrival of guest birds from various corners. Originally these guest birds came from Siberia in the northern part of Asia. In the monsoon season, the oathies are filled with water all around. It will seem like it's a sea. There are more than 500 species of plants in haor; And it has hundreds of species of fish. If you want to visit Haor, you can go to any of the villages of Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar district. From there you can roam the boat in this haor. Not only Kulaura, but in other upazilas of Sylhet where this haor is spread - you can go to haor from any one of it. ...... read full story

Sylhet >>  Gowainghat

If you want to see this natura forest, known as the Amazon of Bangladesh, you will have to go a long way from Sylhet. This forest is located in Fatehpur union of Goyilghat upazila of Sylhet district. Swanp Forest or Jawaban is the only land in Bangladesh. There is a bill inside the forest. To see the forest, you must hire a boat. You will come again and again if you visit the beautiful mountain forest. The area of ​​the forest is approximately 3325 acres. There are 22 such forests in the world. Among them, there are two forests in the Indian subcontinent, one of which is in Bangladesh. This forest is a great collection of 'Murta', the main ingredient of making the famous Shitalpati of Sylhet. The more you enter this forest, the depth of the forest will grow. There is a place where the light of the sun can not reach properly. During this trip to the forest, it seems as if you came to the famous Amazon forest. The place is about 26 kilometers away from Sylhet Sadar. In winter this forest is dry. Therefore, the best time to visit this forest is the rainy season. In the rainy season, half of these forest trees go under water. There are accommodation facilities for tourists.
You can go by any vehicle from Sylhet city. There are arrangements for transportation from Sylhet city to Fatehpur union of Gowainghat upazila. ...... read full story

Sylhet >>  Gowainghat

This Bichanakandi, a beautiful land of nature in Rustampur Union of Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet district. Rocky rivers and transparent flowing water streams fascinate the tourists. This water flowing through small and large stones is the Pian River. On the other side of the river there are big mountains and Meghalaya state of India. It is one of the stone quarry spots in Sylhet district. The rainy season will be the best time to visit this place. The cold water flowing through the rock is very interesting. In the dry season it will seem that it is only the stone kingdom.
You can go from Sylhet city to any vehicle. From Sylhet city, arrangements have been made to travel to Fatehpur Union of Gowainghat upazila. ...... read full story

Sylhet >>  Gowainghat

One of the most attractive places for tourists is Jaflong; About 60 km from Sylhet city is the beautiful greenery of nature. You can come here by bus or jeep or any other vehicle. You will be fascinated by the mountainous paths, the rivers that flow along the mountains, and the small boats in the river. You can also take the excitement of travelling around the river through this small boat. Many of the tourists here enjoy the clear water of the river and gets wet in the water. Jaflong is famous for stone lifting. When travelling on the river, lots of stones are easily seen in the transparent waters of the river. On one side of the river is Bangladesh and on the other side you will see small houses and roads on high hill, which is in the border of India. A hanging bridge will be seen as a link between the two hills of India. The bridge is located at the port of Dauki, India. Here you will see Khasia village and their diverse life-style and homes. There are also tea gardens. There are also Khasia, Jainta and Tripura hills. Many people have come to picnic in this popular tourism spot from a long distance in the winter season.
If you want to come to Jaflong, you can come here from Sylhet city with microbus, CNG or local transport. ...... read full story

Pantumai and Lakshan rhyme
Sylhet >>  Gowainghat

Pantumai and Lakshan rhyme are the names of two fountains. In the border areas of Goyain Ghat upazila of Sylhet district, you will see these two fountains. Two fountains are located on the Indian soil. Even if you can not get close to it, its beauty will fascinate you. The waterfall of the fountains in the green mountains is very attractive. To see the Pantumai rhyme, you have to go to the village of Pantumai in Haiderpore of Goyalighat. And to see Lakshan rhyme Fountain, you have to go to Rustampur village. ...... read full story

Haor of Dibi
Sylhet >>  Jaintiapur

There is a huge Haor named Dibi Haor in Jaintapur upazila of Sylhet district. Haor is in the border of India. From here we will see the hill areas of India. If you see these hills from Haor, it will seem like the hills beside the sea. Haor has 4 bills. This haor is approximately 900 acres of wetland. ...... read full story

Sylhet >>  Jaintiapur

The mountainous hills, the river flowing through the mountains, and the boat floating on the river, everything is a picture of nature painted in its own hand. If you want to enjoy this picture like place, you will have to go to Lalakhal of Jaintiapur upazila of Sylhet district. This is one of the rainy areas of the country. Lalakhal is basically a village name. The Sarai and the Gwain rivers are passing by this village. The river water color attracts tourists. If you want, you can roam the boat in this river. Looking at the mountains standing beside the river, it seems like someone has green plated on these hills. There are resorts to stay for tourists. There are tea gardens.
From Sylhet you can go Sarighat of Sari river by Microbus or any other vehicle. From there you have to go to Lalakhal on the way of the river. ...... read full story

The shrine of Hazrat Shah Pannan (ra)
Sylhet >>  Sylhet Sadar

There is an Awali shrine named Hazrat Shah Pannan (ra) in Khadimparaya of Sylhet. It is also a sacred place for Sylhetis and Bangladeshi people. Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) was accompanied by Hazrat Shah Pannan (ra). In 1303, he came along with Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) to Sylhet region. He was also a religious preacher. The mazar of Shah Pannan (R) is situated on a high elevation about 8 km from Shah Jalal (ra) dargah. Because of this, many tourists came to visit Sylhet, also visited these two shrines. ...... read full story

The shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (ra)
Sylhet >>  Sylhet Sadar

Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) was a awliya and religious preacher. He was a resident of Yemen from Arabia. In 1303, Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) came to Sylhet with 360 Awalis. Sylhet is called 360 Awalis because of the arrival of this spiritual man in Sylhet with 360 Awliya. In 1346 this great man died. His shrine is located in a hillside of Durga Mahilla of Goyiparara in Sylhet district town.
In the shrine area you will see a pond. Here there was a big fish named Gazer Fish. On December 4, 2003, all the fish died due to some miscreants poisoning in the pond. Later, some Gajar fish were brought from Moulvibazar and were released here. Once these fish breeds, the pond is full of gazes once again. Fishes were collected from the mazar of Shah Mustafa (R) of Moulvibazar. He was a traveling companion of Hazrat Shahjalal (ra).
A small house can be seen on the south side of the shrine. It is known as Chilaskhana. It is said that Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) worshiped in this small house for about 23 years. There are arrangements for displaying swords, clogs and some utensils used by Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) of the shrine complex. You will see an ancient mosque in the shrine premises. The mosque was built in the year 1400 AD during the period of Majlise Atar, the ruler of Bengal sultan Abu Muzaffer Yusuf Shah. The mosque was rebuilt in 1744. The mosque is known as Darga Mosque.
If you want to visit the shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal (ra), you have to go to the Durga Mahalla of Goyiparara in Sylhet city. You can come here on any vehicle from Sylhet city. ...... read full story

Kinn bridge
Sylhet >>  Sylhet Sadar

To enter the Sylhet city, you have to go through this Kinn bridge. Therefore, it is called the gateway to Sylhet. This bridge was built in 1936 on the Surma river flowing through Sylhet. At that time the bridge was named after the English governor Michael Kinn. The attractive feature of this bridge, which is easy to look at, is designed to bend it like a bow. It is about 1150 feet long and 18 feet wide and the bridge is made of iron. In the 1971 war of liberation, some parts of the bridge were damaged by the Pakistani army and were repaired with wood and bailey parts. Although some parts are damaged, this bridge built in British times is still the same as in the past. ...... read full story

Museum of Hassan Raja
Sylhet >>  Sylhet Sadar

Near the Zinda Bazar of Sylhet, there is a museum of the Haman king, known as Mystic Poet. It is known as the Museum of Razas. There is information of Hasn Raja and his family, and various types of utensils, utensils, garments, jewelry etc. used by them are displayed. You will see the manuscript of Hassan Raja's song Dewan Hassan Raja was born in December 1854 in Sunamganj district And on 7 December 1922 he died. Hassan Raza's song is a wealth of Bengali folk songs. If you want to see the Mystic Poet Hassan Raza, you will have to go to Zindabazar in Sylhet city. ...... read full story

Malanichara tea garden
Sylhet >>  Sylhet Sadar

Malanichara tea garden is considered as the oldest tea garden in Bangladesh. It is known that during the British period an English named Harson established this tea garden. This tea garden was established in 1854. The tea garden will be available near Sylhet airport. You must take permission from the garden authorities to visit the tea garden. This tea garden is a suitable place for those who want to visit Sylhet for a short while and want to see tea gardens. From Sylhet city to the airport road, you can come here on any vehicle. ...... read full story


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