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District : Mymensingh

Tropic picnic spot
Mymensingh >>  Bhaluka

This spot is located at Jamiradia Masterbari in Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh district. Many come here to picnic. At this spot you will see various types of sculptures. In the spot you will see a variety of flower garden. It is the drama and the film shooting spot. ...... read full story

Orchid gardens
Mymensingh >>  Fulbaria

For people who grow Orchid plants due to the hobby, the garden can be a kingdom of heaven. There is a large orchard garden in Enayetpur union of Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh. Here you can see different varieties, different color orchid plants. This garden has more than 200 orchids on about 20 acres of land. Many orchid lovers come here from different parts of the country to collect Orchid seedlings. It is situated about 12 kilometers away from Fulbaria upazila. ...... read full story

Santoshpur rubber garden
Mymensingh >>  Fulbaria

If you want to spend time in natural beauty surrounded by a huge area, you can choose this garden of the Sundarpur garden. In roughly 106 acres of land, this rubber garden of Bangladesh Department will take you in an intensified environment. Tourists visiting here will see some rare species of monkeys in this garden. You will have to come to Santoshpur in Naoga union of Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh district to visit this rubber garden in Santoshpur. ...... read full story

Aladdins Park
Mymensingh >>  Fulbaria

Aladdin's Park is basically a private entertainment center. This is also an ideal place for a picnic. This entertainment center is located at Anayetpur Union in Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh. The amusement center has been built around 25 acres of land. There are also a number of riders for entertainment, as well as a swimming pool. There is also a mini zoo. To come here, you can come from Fulbaria by CNG. The distance of this park from Fulbaria upazila is about 25 kilometers. However, you can also rent a car directly from Mymensingh. ...... read full story

Shaheed Abdul Jabbar Memorial Museum
Mymensingh >>  Gafargaon

The language martyr Abdul Jabbar Memorial Museum was established in 2007 in the village of Jabbar Nagar (Panchua) in Gofargaon upazila of Mymensingh District, paying tribute to the memory of martyr Abdul Jabbar of the great language movement. Here is a library named after him. ...... read full story

Gouripur landlord house and temple
Mymensingh >>  Gouripur

The zamindar house of two prominent zamindars, Ananda Kishore and Surendra Prasad Lahiri of Gouripur upazila of Mymensingh district still stands as a witness to the past history of zamindars. Originally, the original house of Zamindar Ananda Kishore is being used as Gouripur Women's College. On the other hand, the landlord Surendra Prasad Lahiri's house is being used as Gouripur Government College. Randhakrishna's Bigraha Mandir, built by zamindars, is in the middle of this building. The temple is a very beautiful place. The Chinese tiles have been used to build the temple. ...... read full story

Garo Hills
Mymensingh >>  Haluaghat

Garo inhabited hill areas in Halujaghat, one of the attractions of tourists. These hills are one of the picnic and adventurous places. Between the mountains of Garo Hills, Mitali Tila and Gabbarkhali Hills are two most popular mountains. The beautiful scenery of the mountains in the flat areas of the hills fascinate tourists. uring the trekking forests, wild clutter of forest birds will make your journey more vigorous. Mitali Mountain is one of the most interesting places to picnic. Gabbarkhali Hills is also one of the most interesting spots. You can see many big and small mountains in this village. Here is the residence of indigenous Hajong. The diversity of hills and indigenous peoples will fascinate you. You can come here with a motorcycle from Haluaghat upazila. The distance from the upazila headquarters is about 14 to 15 kilometers. You can also rent a microbus or car from Mymensingh district. ...... read full story

Atharobari zamindar house
Mymensingh >>  Iswarganj

Aterabari zamindar house situated at the place of Aterabari in Ishoriganj upazila of Mymensingh district is one of the historical monuments of Mymensingh. It is assumed that this zamindar house may have been built in the late seventeenth century. Pramod Roy, the last landlord of this landlord house, is known to have used this house last. Rabindranath Tagore came to this house in 1926 at the invitation of zamindar pramod ray. It is worth mentioning that Pramod Roy got the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore as a teacher during Shanti Niketan's student life in Calcutta. Historically, this Aterabari area was a very prosperous city. The city was also very important in terms of trade and commerce.
To see this zodiac sign, you have to go to the place called Aterabari, about 14-15 kilometers away from Ishoriganj upazila headquarters. ...... read full story

Telawari Jami Mosque
Mymensingh >>  Iswarganj

This Telawari Jame Mosque is an ancient Sankundand Mosque of Ishoriganj upazila of Mymensingh district. The three-domed mosque has a central dome larger than the other two. The octagonal tower can be seen in the 4 corners of the 4 walls of the mosque. Apart from this, there are two relatively simple towers on the side of the entrance of the mosque. Each of the mosque's towers has small domes like dome. Which greatly increased the visibility of the mosque. To access the mosque, there are 3 entrances on its eastern wall. The construction technique of the mosque is similar to the construction strategy of the mosque built in Mughal period. To see this mosque, you will have to go to the place called Aterabari, about 14-15 kilometers away from Ishoriganj upazila headquarters. ...... read full story

Jora Temple
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

There are two temples on the same altar, 6 feet high in a place adjacent to Kalibari pond in Muktagacha upazila headquarters of Mymensingh district. The temple is known as the two zodiac temples. Locally, many people also known it as the Kali temple or Jod Mandir. The first landlord of Muktagachha, Bimla Devi, wife of Gaurikanta, of the family of Srikrishna Acharya Chowdhury, built it in 1820 AD. He also excavated the Kalibari pond adjacent to the temple to prevent the drinking water problem of the local people. The height of the temple is about 30 feet. At one time, there was a statue of Kali inside the temple, which was made of touchstone. ...... read full story

Three Shiva temples
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

A large 3-domed temple built on a rectangular base can be seen in front of the landlord house of Muktagachha. There are 3 rooms in the temple. The first zamindar of Muktagachha Srikrishna Acharya Chowdhury's first son Krishak Chandra built it. It is believed that in the eighteenth century it was built. The height of the temple is about 37 feet. Special festivals and fairs are held here in Shiv Chuvoarshit Tithi every year in Falgun. The construction techniques of the temple impress the tourists. ...... read full story

Muktagacha zamindar home
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

This Muktagachha zamindari is located in north-west from Muktagachha municipality office. In the second half of the eighteenth century, Rama Acharya, the second man of the landlord family of Muktagachha, built this palace. Though this zamindar house was known locally as Muktagacha Zamindarbari, its former name was Atani zamindar house. The design of this historic landlord house still attracts tourists. There are still big iron collectors (sindhak) in the zamindarabari. The landlord kept his wealth and ornaments of this iron sindhak. You'll see a dance room. Even today the design of this dance house is bearing the fancy of zamindars of that time. You will see a storied building constructed by Tin. There was an elephant and horse houses beside this zodiac. But they do not exist anymore. If you see this famous zamindarbari you will have to go to Mymensingh Muktagacha Upazila. There are buses coming directly from Dhaka. Or the CNG of Muktagachha coming from Mymensingh Town Town Hall. ...... read full story

Maharaja Suryakanta's house
Mymensingh >>  Muktagacha

Maharaja Suryakanta was the adopted son of his previous zamindar. Maharaj Suryakanta's house is now being used as Muktagachha Shaheed Sriti Government College. Although the Suryakanta's house is not currently the same, the gate of this government college is still inaccessible. This gate attracts the attention of the tourists. This gate was built in the eighteenth century. If you want to see this building of the Suryakanta, you will have to go to Muktagachha Upazila of Mymensingh district. There are buses coming directly from Dhaka. Or the CNG of Muktagachha coming from Mymensingh Town Town Hall. ...... read full story

Alexandra Castle
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

This building is located in the center of the male teacher training center at the heart of Mymensingh city. The building was used as the garden house of the famous King of Maharaja Suryakanta Acharya Chowdhury of Mymensingh. The building was constructed in 1879 AD at Tk 45,000. Maharaja Suryakanta Acharya Chaudhary built this two-storied building in the name of the seventh king of India, Edward-Spani Samrangi Alexandra. It is said, it is the only iron house of the country. Famous renowned personalities from different parts of the country had walked in this field. The image of women made of iron in front of the building has attracted the attention of the tourists. ...... read full story

Shiva temple
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

You can see an ancient Shiva temple in the adjoining Kotwali thana of sadar upazila of Mymensingh district. Shivamandir was built in the eighteenth century. Locally, this temple is also known as Mathabhanga Math. In 1885 an earthquake collapsed in the monastery. ...... read full story

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