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District : Khagrachari

Sivachari hills
Khagrachari >>  Dighinala

It is situated on the Shiva Chhari mountain in Dewan Hills area, about 16-17 kms from Dighinala of Khagrachari district. If you want to see this Sivachari hill, the deep mountain forests, the mountainous waterfalls, the hills, the rivers, etc. will have to cross. ...... read full story

Elephant Head Shaped Hills
Khagrachari >>  Khagrachari Sadar

A hill located in the village of Pirachara of Khagrachari is like the head of an elephant. You can go to this mountain, passing through a few small hills. If you reach the elephant's head-shaped hill, along the high-low, zodiacal path of the mountain, you will have to climb this mountain by the bamboo stairs. It's just like the top of the elephant. ...... read full story

Thandachara (Cold Fountain)
Khagrachari >>  Khagrachari Sadar

This cold fountain is very close to Khagrachari district town. A small mountain river flows near Khagrachari Adarsh ​​School. Understand the amount of water in the river, it can take 5-8 minutes to walk through this river and see a small fountain. The mountains on both sides and without the narrow path in middle make your travel more exciting. With this fountain you can reach the last head of the fountain for 3 hours. But this is not the end of the fountain. Here you can see two branches of the fountain. If you want to see this fountain, you will have to prepare yourself in the morning. Walk should be a habit. This fountain water is very cold throughout the year. It is known in the name of the cold-fountain. If you go to see this fountain, do not forget to take it with you. ...... read full story

Centennial banyan tree
Khagrachari >>  Matiranga

In the area near Khidchhara in Matiranga upazila of Khagrachari district, you will see a Centennial banyan tree. The tree is located in about 5 acres of land. Each basket has come down from the root basin and it has become a new batch in itself. The locals believe, sitting under this banyan tree in the century, who will hang on its cold air, he will be a hundred years old. ...... read full story

Alutila Fountain / Risang Fountain
Khagrachari >>  Matiranga

You can see this rechang fountain, about 11 kilometers away from Alutila. But if you go to see the fountain, you will have to go through the mountainous forest through high and low hills. The fountain has been falling continuously from the feet of thousands of feet. Two fountains can be seen here as well. If you want to soak your body with this transparent, you can. This fountain spot is one of the most attractive sights of tourists. ...... read full story

Alutila Hills and Tourism Center
Khagrachari >>  Matiranga

Khagrachari district is one of the popular and known spot among tourist spots. This attractive spot will be seen on Khagrachari city entrance. This Alutila Tourist Center is located about 8 kilometers away from Khagrachari town. If you want to see Khagrachari city at a glance, you can come here. You can enjoy the beauty of the city and the hills from here. If you see the city from here in the evening, the city's electric locks will feel like they have kept thousands of evening lights alive. The most attractive place in the Alutila tourist center is the mysterious tunnel on the foothills. The tunnel is naturally created. Once you had to enter the tunnel, you had to enter the torch. However, the electric lighting system is currently installed here. This tunnel is furious dark. As you enter the tunnel, it seems as if you are going down the ground. The operation of this tunnel, about 350 feet long, will be touched by a new thriller feeling. ...... read full story

Bhogoban (Lord) Tila
Khagrachari >>  Matiranga

A high Tila at Tiandang border of Matiranga upazila of Khagrachari district is known as Bhagwan Tila. This Tila is approximately 1,600 feet high above sea level. While going through the mountainous zodiac roads, you will see the mountainous green surroundings of the eye. There is a tall tower on top of the hill at the top. Standing on this tower, you will feel a weighed weight. There are many fables about this Tila. There is a legend, standing on this high hill, the creator will also hear the call! Because of this, the name of this hill is known as Lord Tila. Again, standing on one of these mountains, taking photos, there is also a possibility that the skeleton will be seen in the pictures after the picture is printed. However, this particular place still has not been identified, which is why the truth of this statement remains still mysterious. ...... read full story

Mang Circle Rajbari
Khagrachari >>  Mohalchari

One of the most visited places of Khagrachari, Mangarkar Rajbari of Manikchhari upazila. Manikchhari Upazila is known as the capital of Mong Head. The Rajbari is about 150 years old. It is known that during the war of independence in 1971, then King Mong Prussai Chowdhury helped the freedom fighters. ...... read full story

Nunachari God pond
Khagrachari >>  Mohalchari

There is a place named Maisachari with Khagrachari-Mahalchhari road covering just 5-6 kilometers from Khagrachari district headquarters. In this area you will see a hill called Nunachari, on the top of a hill, this Nunachari god pond. The position of this god pond at about seven hundred feet above sea level. This pond is situated around 5 acres of land. So much so that the water is not changing the height of the pond during the whole year. For this reason, the name of this pond is known as the goddess pond. Many of the locals believe that this pond is controlled by a god. Many believe that many treasures under the pond are hidden, these treasures are guarded by God. And many people came to worship in this pond for worship. You will see a big stone in the pond. It is common that the goddess dug this pond to remove the local water shortage. Because of this, the water of this pond is holy water to the locals. Every year at Chaitra Sankranti festival, people of different communities come here in the hope of attaining goodwill. ...... read full story

Panchari Shantipur Forest Cottage
Khagrachari >>  Panchari

This Shantipur forest cottage, a Buddhist monastery built in Panchchari upazila of Khagrachari district. It is the largest Buddhist monastery of the country. You can see here the largest 40 feet tall Gautama Buddha statue in Bangladesh. The monastery has been built around 300 acres of hilly land. ...... read full story

BGB's birthplace
Khagrachari >>  Ramgarh

Ramgarh, a border town of Khagrachori The journey of the country's border guards started here. Currently known as Bangladesh Border Guard. The Bangladesh Border Guard was formerly known as Bangladesh Rifles. This place is called BDR's birthplace since the BDR started its journey. BDR was established on 22 July 1979. The hanging bridge, the botanical gardens, the lake, everything will seem like you are coming to a cleansed environment of nature. ...... read full story

Tea garden
Khagrachari >>  Ramgarh

On the border of Ramgarh in Khagrachari district, the tea gardens have been built around a large area on both sides of Khagrachari-Feni Road. Visitors visiting this tea garden will forget, this place is one of the tea garden in Khagrachari or Sylhet region? ...... read full story

Ramgarh Upazila
Khagrachari >>  Ramgarh

The Ramgarh Upazila is on the way to Khagrachari from Dhaka. This place will take away your mind from the small hills, hills, hills and green scenes of the hilly forests. There are tea gardens. The tea gardens have been built by hill slopes. If you want to stay in this place. There are accommodation too. And if you ask the tribes, they can arrange to stay with them. If you get this opportunity, you will get a little touches on their life very closely. ...... read full story


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