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District : Dhaka

Armanitola church
Dhaka >>  Armanitola

This church is located in Armanitola, Old Dhaka. It was built in 1781. It is reported that Armenians built this church. There have been many nations in the country for business for a long time. Among them, Armenians were one of theme. ...... read full story

Tara/Sitara Mosque
Dhaka >>  Armanitola

The mosque will be seen on Abul Khayrat Road in Armanitola, Old Dhaka. This mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dhaka near Armanitola High School. Dhaka zamindar Mirza Golam Pir built it in the eighteenth century. It was named after Sitara Mosque. It is also known as Mirza Saheb Mosque. The mosque has four small domed monuments in its 4 corners. The east wall of the mosque had 3 entrances and 1 entrance on the north and south sides. The mosque had 3 dome on the roof. On the west wall there were 3 mihrabs. Later, the mosque was renovated and two other domes were placed in the imitation of the original mosque. As a result, it is now a 5-dome modern mosque, a mosque. Chinese clay tali brought from Japan has been used. Because of the use of Mosaic in the interior floor, the beauty of the mosque has greatly increased. The reason for getting the mosque known as the tara(Sta) osque is due to its many star-studded designs on its walls. There are also half-moon designs. ...... read full story

Armanitola Mosque
Dhaka >>  Armanitola

The Armanitola Mosque is located on Sarat Chandra Chakrabarti Road near Armanitola's Mosque of old Dhaka. Estimated 1716 (ie 1735), it is known that the man's wife, Khanjani, built this mosque. It is a mosque in Mughal period. Initially, the roof of the mosque was Chauchala house roof. Due to the renovation, instead of Chauchala roof, the dome can be seen on the roof. ...... read full story

Kashytuli Mosque
Dhaka >>  Armanitola

It is the highest and most decorated mosque of Bangladesh. This kashaituli mosque, decorated in the eye-shaped design, is located in Kashiuli, near Armanitola, Dhaka. Abdul Bari Bepari, a wealthy businessman, built this mosque in 1919. This is a rectangular building. Later it was renovated and lots of artwork was done. The mosque is 3 domes. The interior wall of the mosque has 3 lovely ornamental mihrabs. East wall has 3 entrances. The mosque has been decorated in the method of Chinitikri. The Chinitikri method is to create ornaments by designing a piece of rusty pottery. Grafting dome, flowers, spinach, geometric design, Arabic script decoration, small rose design, grapes, tub flower etc. can be seen in the interior of the mosque and on the outside wall. ...... read full story

Rupalal House
Dhaka >>  Bangshal (thana)

This Ruplal House is a large building situated in Farasganj, Old Dhaka. In the nineteenth century this building was built by two brothers named Ruplal Das and Raghunath Das in the form of European architecture. ...... read full story

Northbrook Hall / Lalukuthi
Dhaka >>  Bangshal (thana)

In 1876, this Northbrook Hall was built in an occasion of the arrival of Lord Brooke's Big lot in the Indian capital of Farasganj. The building's color is red, which is why the building is also known as Lalkuthi. The hall was built at the time as the city's auditorium. The Northbrook Hall has a touch of Mughal and European architectural styles. Two years after the construction of the hall, in February 1882, a library was built in the hall premises. This library was established by the people of Dhaka for the study of the inhabitants of Dhaka. ...... read full story

Ahle-i-Hadith Mosque
Dhaka >>  Bangshal (thana)

There is a large-size mosque located in Bangshal Chowrasta, it is known as Ahl-e-Hadith Mosque. People of Ahl-e-Hadith used it. This large museum of about 7,000 sq ft is a beautiful one. The mosque is built in the eighteenth century. ...... read full story

National Shaheed Minar
Dhaka >>  Bangshal (thana)

These structures built in memory of martyrs of Language Movement are located in the adjacent areas of Dhaka Medical College Gate. Bangladesh is the only country that has dedicated life for language in the world. On 21 February 1952, several protesters were killed in police firing in the language movement. In their memory, this day is celebrated as Language Day in every year. Today, this day is celebrated as International Language Day in the whole world. On this day, different languages ​​of different countries of the world have respect for their own language. Seed of Bangladesh's freedom struggle was sown through this language movement. As a result, through a great liberation war of 1971, a new country named Bangladesh has been ranked on the world map. ...... read full story

Kartalab Khan Mosque / Begum Bazar Mosque
Dhaka >>  Begum Bazar

The Kartalab Khan Mosque is located at Begum Bazar in the capital Dhaka. Because of this, the mosque is also known as Begum Bazar Mosque. It is a 5-dome and a rectangular mosque. Murshid Quli Khan built this mosque between 1700 and 1704 AD. Murshid Quli Khan's other name was Kartalab Khan. The mosque has been named as Karatalab Khan Mosque. He was appointed as Dewan of Dhaka during the reign of King Aurangzeb. It is a two-storeyed building. There was Tahkhana in the ground floor. And the position of Masjid was above. There are 5 mihrabs on the western wall of the mosque. There are 5 ways to access the eastern wall. There are two narrow monuments on each side of the entrance. There are 1 entrance in the south. There are two narrow monuments on either side. There is no entrance gate on the north wall. But there is a small room. The room was thought to be used as the living room of the Imam of the mosque. ...... read full story

Vijay Katan
Dhaka >>  Cantonment (thana)

Vijay Katan is a Liberation War Museum built inside the Dhaka Cantonment. It highlighted the war of liberation, the background of war of liberation and the brave fighters. The military detention camp of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, detained in Agart ...... read full story

Churihatta Mosque
Dhaka >>  Chak Bazar (thana)

This mosque is located in the Belowar bangle Manufacturers' area of Churi Hat near Jame Mosque in Chawkbazar, Dhaka. The mosque is rectangular. There are 4 monuments in the 4 corners of the mosque. During the time of Shah Shuja, Muhammad Beg built this mosque in 1649. Currently it is a modern mosque. ...... read full story

Bibi Champa Tomb
Dhaka >>  Chak Bazar (thana)

This Bibi Champa Tomb is in the small Katra area of Chawkbazar, Dhaka. It was built during the reign of Shaista Khan in 1663. It is a domed structure and a tomb constructed in a square. To enter the tomb, there are four entryways on the 4 side walls. There are 4 towers in the 4 corners of the square mausoleum. It is known that Nawab Shayesta Khan constructed this mausoleum on his Bengali wife Bibi Champa's grave. ...... read full story

Chawkbazar mosque
Dhaka >>  Chak Bazar (thana)

This Chak Bazar Mosque is located on the southwest of Chawkbazar, capital Dhaka. Nawab Shayesta Khan constructed it in 1676 AD during the Mughal period. Built on a platform of about 10 feet high, this mosque has 3 domes. The original mosque was destroyed almost as it was rebuilt. Currently it is a modern mosque. The mosque is known as Chak Bazar Shahi Mosque. ...... read full story

Dewan Bazar Mosque
Dhaka >>  Chak Bazar (thana)

This Dewan Bazar Mosque is a 3-domed Mosque with a Tahkhana built in the eighteenth century. The unique feature of this Mughal architecture is in Dewan Bazar area of Nazim Uddin Road. The mosque has one north-south side and three gateways on the east. On the west wall there are 3 mihrabs. ...... read full story

Dhakeswari Temple
Dhaka >>  Dhakeswari Road

This Dhakeswari temple is the largest and oldest temple in the capital Dhaka. It is situated on Dhaka's Dhakeswari road south of BUET (University of Engineering). There are several smaller temples beside this wall surrounded by the wall. It is assumed that the temple was built during the Mughal era. ...... read full story

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