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District : Cumilla

Bhuksar's Zamindar House (landlord house) and mosque
Cumilla >>  Barura

An old zamindar house and mosque can be seen in the village of Bhuksar of Galimpur Union of Barura upazila of Comilla district. The zamindar house is known as the landlord house of Bhukasar and the mosque is known as the mosque of Bhuksar. It was known that in 1903 this house was built. Although the past glitter of the zamindar house is no longer, the zamindar house building, pukur ghat, and the arch of the arcade are still giving the glory of its past. Mosque of Zamindar's house is a 3-domed mosque. The mosque is rectangular in land planning. There were flowers, the flowering of the leaves on the walls of the mosque. ...... read full story

Chittodda Mosque
Cumilla >>  Barura

An ancient mosque can be seen in a village named Chittodda in Barua upazila of Comilla district. The mosque is known as Chittodda Masjid. The mosque is rectangular and has 3 domes. The mosque has been built on a high platform. According to an inscription of the mosque, a person named Mohammad Jamal built this mosque in 1774. ...... read full story

Arjuntala Mosque
Cumilla >>  Barura

You will see an ancient mosque in a village named Arjuntala in Barua upazila of Comilla district. The mosque is known as Arjuntala Mosque. The mosque is rectangular and has 3 domes. It is 11.6 meters in length and about 6 meters in width. Inside the mosque you can see 3 mihrabs on the western wall. According to an inscription of the mosque, it was built in 1788. ...... read full story

Seventeen Ranta Temple
Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

The temple is dedicated to Jagannath. For this reason, the temple is also known as Jagannath Temple or Sat Ratna Jagannath Temple. This temple can be seen at Jagannathpur in Comilla sadar upazila. There are several ancient temples that can be seen around this temple. But this seventeen Ratna temple is still in sight. The temple is of Three-storied. Usually, this type of architecture was not seen in ancient times. The temple is octagonal in land plan. The main chamber of the temple is also made of octagonally. There are more rooms around this main chamber. It is said to have seventeen Ratna temples, because there are 17 peaks in this temple. Among these 17 peaks, there are 8 peaks in the eight corners on first floor , 8 in the eight corners on the second floor and 1 on the top of the temple. On the wall of the temple, gods, animal figures, instead of mythological stories, flowers, fruits, sapling, spiked rope design, lotus petals etc. can be seen. This type of ornament is different from that of the medieval and ancient temples built in Bengal. It is known that second Maharaja (king) of Tripura started the work of the Ratna Manikya Jagannath (1685 - 1712 AD). Later, in 1761 Maharaja Krishna Kishore Manikya completed the construction of this temple. ...... read full story

Shah Shuja Mosque
Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

This Shah Shuja mosque will be seen in the area of ​​the city of sujaganj in Comilla town. The mosque was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's second son, Subahdar Shah Shuja. There is a publicity saying. This mosque has been named after Shah Shuja Mosque. According to the time of Shah Shuja Subahdar, the mosque was estimated to have been built in the seventeenth century. It is a rectangular 3-dome religious building. The mosque has 3 entrances to the east and two entrances to the north and south. There are three mihrabs decorated in the western wall. Among the three mihrabs, the central mihrab is relatively larger. The outside wall of the mosque has a khonap design. The mosque has been renovated several times. Its original form is now not the same as before. ...... read full story

Ustad Aayat Ali Khan's Tomb
Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

The tombs of Ustad Aayat Ali Khan, a famous musician of the subcontinent, have been discovered by digging the tomb buried near Tomato Bridge in the city of Comilla Sadar Upazila. Local researcher Ahsanul Kabir and writer Ziauddin Thakur of Comilla district on 23 May, 2016 found the tomb. According to the cemetery, Ustad Aayat Ali Khan was born on 26 April 1884. And passed away on September 2, 1967. The land of ancestor of Ustad Aayat Ali Khan in Shibpur of Nabinagar of Brahmanbaria. Ostad Alauddin Khan, one of the renowned musicians of the subcontinent, is his elder brother. ...... read full story

War Cemetery
Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

The tomb area can be seen near the Tipara Bazar of Comilla Cantonment. This tomb is built on approximately four and a half acres of land to commemorate the soldiers killed in World War II. The total number of tomb is 737. Among these graves, there are 24 Japanese warships, including 1 civilian person. Among the rest of the graves, 350 of Britain, 172 of India, 86 of West Africa, 56 of East Africa, 12 of Canada, 12 of Australia, 4 of New Zealand, 3 of South Rourgeon, 1 of Belgium, 1 of Poland, 1 of South Africa, 1 of Myanmar. ...... read full story

Ramlal Museum
Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

The founder of this museum Mahesh Chandra Bhattacharya; He was a homeopath doctor in the profession. The museum started its journey with some antiquities obtained from Mainamati in 1935 in his solo efforts. ...... read full story

Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

At the heart of the city of Comilla, you can see the old dighi of a large volume named Dharmasagar in Baduttala. The area of ​​Dighi is around 23 acres. King Dharmanikya of Tripura state excavated this dighi in 1458. At present, a city park has been developed with this dighi. There is a children park near this dighi. You will see the famous queen's room. If the visitors want to see this dighi, you will also be able to navigate in exchange for a certain fee. ...... read full story

Hasnabad Math
Cumilla >>  Daudkandi

You can see a monastery near primary school of Hasnabad village in Daudkandi upazila of Comilla district. This is the Hasnabad Math. This math is also known as Kamarpara Math. It is octagonal in the land. Its height is approximately 25.60 meters. A man named Budharram Bhuiyan built this math. There is an entry point on the south side to enter the monastery. This architecture is a tombstone. ...... read full story

Baitul Azgar Jami Mosque
Cumilla >>  Debidwar

Guneighar Baitul Azgar Jami Mosque is one of the most beautiful architectural structures of Devi Dwar in Comilla district. It is a 7-domed mosque. ...... read full story

Noor Manikchar Jami Mosque
Cumilla >>  Debidwar

Nur Manikchar Jame Mosque, a historian, is a historic mosque in Noor Manikchar village of Debidwar upazila of Comilla district. It is a small religious building built in rectangularly. And There are 7 domes. It is known that a Pir named Nur Ahmed Kadari built it around the fifteenth century. ...... read full story

Nawab Faizunnesa Zamindar house and other works
Cumilla >>  Laksam

You can see a beautiful landlord house in Paschimgaon area of ​​Laksam upazila of Comilla district. This landlord house is Nawab Faizunnesa zamindar house. There are 3 large buildings on the huge land. Nawab Faizunnessa's two-storey building is now known as Nawab Ghar. Note that for the contribution of this great person, Faizunnesa, dedicated to human welfare, British Queen Victoria gave him the title of Nawab in 1889. ...... read full story

Boro Sharifpur Mosque / Kotwali Mosque
Cumilla >>  Laksam

This Boro Sharifpur Mosque is located at Sherifpur village of Laksham upazila of Comilla district. Next to the mosque there is an old big tank named Nateshwar. It has 3 domes. There are three gateways on the eastern wall of the mosque and there are 1 entrance to the north and south. Inside the west wall there are 3 mihrabs. The rectangular turquoise tower at the four corners of the temple is seen in the rectangular structure. According to an inscription of the mosque, during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb, it was built in 1706 by Muhammad Hayat, a Kotwal. For this, the mosque is also known as Kotwali Mosque. ...... read full story

Vihara of Rupban's daughter
Cumilla >>  Sadar South

Rupban daughter's vihara is locally known as the house of Rupban daughter. You can see this vihara under the Lalmai hills, about 150 meters north of the banquet. At present, the ruins of this vihara can be seen. The archives derived from the vihara are estimated to be from tenth to eleventh century. The magnificent bells built from the octave here are now preserved in the Mainamati Archaeological Museum. ...... read full story

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