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Harshpur zamindar house / Dewan Manzil


District  :   Brahmanbaria
Upazila  :   Sarail

Harshpur zamindari house can be found in village Nidarabad of Harshpur union under Sarail upazila of Brahmanbaria district. This landlord house is also known as "Dewan Manzil". Zamindari Nasir Mohammad constructed this building in 1610 AD. Hammamkhana, mosque, pond, dighi, and place for elephant were also in this landlord house. The Hammamkhana was built in the village of Doopala Kundhal, which is situated east of the main palace of the landlord house. There was a cold and hot water system in this Hammam. A room was built to maintain wealth beside the Hammam.


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