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House of Kumari Saha Zamindar


District  :   Chuadanga
Upazila  :   Alamdanga

In the Kumari village of Alamdanga upazila in Chuadanga district, you will see this old landlord house. Locally this house is known as Kumari Saha Zamindar Bari. It is a double-storeyed large building. The construction of the house is in line with the Greek construction strategy. The landlord house was once used as the administrative building of the Veterinary College. At present it remains as a abandoned building.

Several long round pillars from the verandah of the front of the building were up to two storied. The pillars are designed. The building doors were once designs. The signs of designs can still be found on several doors. The railing of verandah on the first floor is made of iron. They are also designed. Which will easily attract tourists attention. This house is still sticking to the tradition of zamindar. You will see an old well beside the walls of the house, which is excavated by the landlord.


To see the landlord house, you must first go to the place called Gohati in Alamdanga upazila of Chuadanga district. The place of Gohati is located at Chuadanga to Kushtia Road. If you get off the bus from Alamdanga bus stand in Chuadanga district, you will get down on the Gohati. From Chuadanga District to Alamdanga Gohati, the bus fares will be 25-30 tk. From there you will have to go to VTI (Veterinary Training Institute) located at Kumari village by auto rickshaw or local transport. Here you can see the zamindar house.

Last Updated Date of This Artical : 2019-03-08

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