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Bibichini Mosque


District  :   Barguna
Upazila  :   Betagi

It is a mosque built in 17th century at Bibichini, 10 kilometers away from Betagi upazila of Barguna district. The ancient mosque is of 1 dome. In 1659, on the request of Muhammad Shah Shuja, the famous saint Hazrat Shah Naitullah was built this mosque. This saint has its tomb beside the mosque. There are two more graves beside him, those are the two daughters of satiam Naitullah Chiniabi and Ichabibi. The mosque is built in a square, with a length of about 33 feet in each side.The walls around it are very wide. They are about 6 feet wide. There are 3 entrances to the north-south and east to the mosque.The antiquity of this mosque, built on an area of about 30 feet high, impressed the visitors. This fascinating historic mosque is under the Department of Archaeology. If you want to see this old historic mosque, you can come here from Barguna District on any local vehicle.


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