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Panchayatan temple / Botakrishna king's house


District  :   Naogaon
Upazila  :   Dhamoirhat

This pentagonal-shaped temple can be seen at Jagaddal Mauja in Dhamurhat upazila of Naogaon district. There is a temple in a four-cornered archaeological site. Several small cell walls can be seen on the wall on the four sides of the site. There is a main statue room here. There are places to keep more than four statues around this statue's room. According to the position of the statues, it is considered as Panchayatan Temple. The establishment is considered to be the oldest panchayatan temple in Bangladesh. In many parts of the temple, many polished black rocks will be seen. The statues of gods and goddesses are painted on these black stones. It is believed that the terracotta plaques, pottery, lipid, etc. rescued from this site can be built in the 12-13th century. Many people think that this temple is a part of Jagadal Mahavihara. The site is also known as King Batakrishna's house by many of the locality.


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