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Tulatuli Spot


District  :   Bhola
Upazila  :   Bhola Sadar

Tulatuli spot, one of the attractions of the tourists, is on the banks of the river Meghna, which is surrounded by sadar upazila of Bhola district. Bhola district is known as the largest delta of Bangladesh On the bank of the crazy Meghna, this spot may seem to have been standing on the bank of a mini sea. Those who wish to navigate in the vast waterside, can travel for some time in the meghna . When the red sun light falls on the banks of the river, a delightful atmosphere arises. You will lost in the imagine environments. This spot is a unique place for tourism spots.
If you want to come here, you will have to come to Tulatuli in Dhania union of sadar upazila. Any traffic from the city can be easily accessible here.


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