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Gokul Medh / Behula Lakshmindar's Bridal Chamber


District  :   Bogura
Upazila  :   Shibgonj

You can see this Gokul Medh in Gokul, a little away from Mahasthangarh in Shibganj upazila of Bogra district. It is called Lakhsmandar's Medh.However, this medh is locally known as Bridal Chamber of Behula Laxmindar. The height of this medh is about 13 meters. 172 rooms were found in this site.The techniques and exceptions to build this medh. The high temple was built by constructing these medh cells at several levels.Various types of arch materials are available from this place. It is believed that it was built as a Buddhist temple during the Gupta regime in the 6th century AD. Later, during the reign of the Senas, a Shiva temple was built here. In this medh, there is a romantic story about the Hindu serpent goddess Manasa and the hero-heroine Behula-Laxmindar.
According to the tradition described in Puranas, Chand Sodagar, father of Behula's husband Laxmindar was a servant of Durga devi. Manasa was the daughter of Sati's of Durga devi.In order to not worship Manasa in the state, Goddess Durga ordered Chand Sodagar, and Chand Sodagar stopped worshiping Manasa Devi in her state. By this, Manasa Devi was angry and killed six sons of Chand Sodagar. Finally, Laxmindar, the youngest son of Chand Saudagar, was killed by snakes in the night of Basar. For the new daughter-in-law and her child Laxmindar would be subjected to the wrath of Manasa, Because of this Chand Sodagar ordered that to create a viable iron house. But under the pressure of the sage Manasa, the worker who put a fine hole in the basar house, and through that hole Kalnag entered the house and killed Laxmindar. At that time, Behula says, 'If I am a sincere woman, I can certainly save Lakshmindara, so that without giving my husband's funeral, I will flush him in the sea with the husband to save him. Behula flown with her husband and took her husband to the state of Manasa named Kailashpuri of the Himalayas. By pledging poison from Laxmindar's body, with the promise that her father-in-law will worship Manasa's goddess, At the same time, she returned from the reassurance of returning his 6 brother-in-laws and assuring the return of the wealth of Chand Sodagar to the river. All that happened with Behula told her mother-in-law, Sanka Devi, and Sanka Devi convinces Chand Sodagar to worship Manasa goddess in order to get back 7 sons and riches. Immediately after worshiping the goddess Manasa, Manasa Goddess returns seven children of Chand Saudagar and riches to Chand Sodagar.


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