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Bibi Mariam mosque and tomb mausoleum


District  :   Narayanganj
Upazila  :   Narayanganj Sadar

Mosque and tombs of Bibi Mariam are in a place called Hajiganj in Sadar upazila of Narayanganj district. The mosque is rectangular and has 3 domes. The central dome of these three domes is relatively big. The religious building is about 50 feet in length and about 45 feet in width. The number of mihrabs inside the mosque is 3. The construction techniques of mihrabs are also an exception. The mihrabs were constructed in four corners. To reach the mosque, three entrances to the east and one entrance to the north and south. You can see 4 monuments in the 4 corners of the mosque. The mosque has been reformed later.
A tomb can be seen on the east side of the mosque. This is the grave of Bibi Mariam. Bibi Mariam was the daughter of Bangla Subbader Nawab Shaista Khan. Shaista Khan built a mosque named after his daughter, which is known as Bibi Mariam Mosque. Bibi Mariam's tomb is built on a high platform. It is a one-domed building. The tomb is built on the black stone basement. Bibi Mariam's body of the grave is made of white marble stones. There are entrances to the east, west and south entrance to the tomb chamber. It is to be noted that Bibi Mariam is called 'Turan-Dukht'.


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