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Goaldi Mosque


District  :   Narayanganj
Upazila  :   Sonargaon

There is an ancient mosque called Goaldi Mosque in a village named Goaldi of Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj district. The location of this mosque is about 1 kilometer away from Sonargaon's folk art museum. It is built in a square and a domed mosque. The length of the arm is about 26 feet. There are 3 entrances on the east wall of the religious building and there are 1 entrance on the north and south walls. On the west wall there are 3 mihrabs. The width of the walls of the building is 5 feet. The mosque has 4 round towers in 4 corners. At the end of the reign of Alauddin Hussein Shah in 1519, a person named Hijabur-ud-din built the mosque. The mosque was once decorated with terracotta ornaments. However, some of the terracotta ornaments still can be seen in the post-reforms.


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