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Jor Bangla Temple and Dashbhuja Temple


District  :   Magura
Upazila  :   Mohammadpur

In the Mohammadpur upazila of Magura district, you can see a large pond on the east side of the palace of Raja Sitaram. The pond is known as Lakshmi Narayan Pukur. There is a temple next to this pond. The temple was a temple of Dashbhuja. This temple was built in 1699. There are two temples along the east side of the temple. The temple is built in the style of Dochala house in rural Bengal. Therefore, both of the temples are called "Jor Bangla Temples". Jor Bangla Temple is a Srikrishna Temple. It was built in the 1700s. At present, the Jor Bangla Temple and the Dashbhuja Temple are both ruined.


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