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Mahilara Math / Sarkar Math


District  :   Barishal
Upazila  :   Gournadi

Mahilara Math in Gournadi upazila of Barisal district is one of the archaeological sites of Bangladesh. It is known that this monastery was built during the rule of Nawab alivardi khan (1740-1756 AD). A man named Ruparam Das Gupta built this math. The construction techniques and decorations of Math are still fascinating to the tourists. It is an architectural site built in the square. This monastery's height is about 27.40 meters. There is only one gateway on the west side to enter a single room. Locally, it is also known to many as Sarkar monastery (Sarkar Math).


To see this ancient mosque,you will have to come to a place called Mahilara from Gouripur upazila by local transport. You can also come here hiring a micro-bus from Barisal Sadar.

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