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Rayer Bazar mass killing site memorial
Dhaka >>  Mirpur (thana)

During the war of liberation in 1971, Pakistani occupationists killed many intellectuals of this country and left them here. A beautiful monument has been built here to remember the underlying intellectuals. ...... read full story

Jagrata Chowrangi
Gazipur >>  Gazipur Sadar

It is the country's first sculpture built to commemorate the martyrs of the war of liberation. You can see this sculpture in Joydevpur-Chandna Chaurasta of Gazipur Sadar Upazila. The height of the sculpture is about 100 feet. This sculpture was constructed in 1971. The sculptor of Jagrata Chowrangi is Abdur Razzak. ...... read full story

Liberation War Memorial Corner
Gazipur >>  Gazipur Sadar

The liberation war memorial corner, which was built in 1999 with some rare photographs and portraits of the war of liberation. The liberation war memorial corner will be seen on the main campus of the National University of Bazar Bazar in sadar upazila of Gazipur district. Here are some rare photographs of the father of Bangladesh and Bangladesh's first Prime Minister Tajuddin. ...... read full story

Mujibnagar Memorial and Complex
Meherpur >>  Mujibnagar

Mujibnagar is an integral name of history of Independence and Independent Bangladesh. This Mujibnagar complex is located at Bidyanathtala Amarkan in Mujibnagar, about 16 km south west of Meherpur district. There are seven sculptures called 'story sculpture'. The seven sculptures are: 7th March speech, the torture of the Pak army, the arson, the swearing in of the Mujibnagar government, the Guard of Honor, the meeting of the sector commanders and the surrender of the Pak army in the Racecourse field. There is also another sculpture named 'Bangladesh at a glance', where geographical-historical, human, river, natural images of Bangladesh are highlighted. The 23-plaques monument is located on the south-west side of the garden. These 23 are built in the portrait of the rising sun. These 23 plaques have been built in conformity with the national heritage and the struggles of national survival since partition of 1947. These 23 plaques were symbolized by the independence struggle of this 23 years from 1948 to 1971. ...... read full story


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