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Harinaghata Forests and Beaches
Barguna >>  Pathorghata

If you want to see the forest deer, this place can be chosen as an alternative to the Sundarbans. A beach is next to it. The fountain of the vast waves of the sea and the pond of the birds of the wild, along with the charming eyes of the wild deer and the hustle and bustle of these things will touch the heart of the visitors. The beach is known to local residents as Laldia Char. Not only the deer in the forest, you will also see monkeys, forest cat, wild snake etc.The Harinaghata forest is known to others as Fatrah Forest. ...... read full story

Laldia Forest and Beach
Barguna >>  Pathorghata

The Laldia forest and the beach of the Patharghata upazila is a place free from the noisy. The beach is on the side of the ever green forest. This place is not too familiar to the tourists, because of this no crowd is seen here. There is no accommodation here, Because of this the visitors of this beach will have to come back in the daytime. ...... read full story

Sonakata Sea Beach / Sonar Character Echo-Park
Barguna >>  Taltali

This is a small beach.This beach is located in the coastal area of Taltoli upazila of Barguna district. This beach is about 2 kilometers long having very silent and noisy-free atmosphere. Tourists will be impressed by the green environment on the beach. There is no accommodation here, Because of this the visitors of this beach will have to come back in the daytime. In the atmosphere of the ocean and the quiet environment, the visitors who are visiting here will be lost in their environment. This sea location is also known as Sonarachar Echo-park. ...... read full story

Purki Beach
Chattogram >>  Anwara

Purki beach is located in Anowara Upazila, about 25 kilometers away from Chittagong city. This beach is in the mouth of the Karnafuli river. To the local residents, this beach is known as Purki Char. It would not be wrong to call it as a mini beach. This beach has a wide selection of Zaw Forest. In order to protect coastal areas of this region from the storm of sea storm in 1993-1994, forest department took up a project of 80 acres of land to create a Zaw Forest. Later it gradually became an interesting travel spots. As tourists are growing here, residential hotels, food hotels, fast food shops are growing with the time. If you want, you can buy various types of garment accessories, things made of mussels and snails. Hill, green forest will fascinate you on the journey of this beach. ...... read full story

Kattli beach / Jelepara (fisherman) beach
Chattogram >>  Pahartoli (thana)

There is an attractive beach in Kattali near the city of Chittagong. To many, it is also known as Jelepara(fisherman) beach. ...... read full story

Patenga beach
Chattogram >>  Potenga (thana)

This Patenga beach is one of the most popular tourism tourist attractions. The beach is located about 14 kilometers from the city of Chittagong. The mountains and the ocean's huge waterside attracts tourists repeatedly. ...... read full story

Baraghaup Beach
Coxs Bazar >>  Kutubdia

A sea beach can be seen in Baraghaup Union of Kutubdia upazila of Cox's Bazar district. It is known as the Baraghaup sea beach. The beach length is more than 20 kilometers. ...... read full story

St. Martin's Island / Coconut Ginzira
Coxs Bazar >>  Teknaf

The island of St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. To many people, this place is also known as coconut jinzira. Because of the island's many coconut trees, its name is called coconut jinzira. This is a small island awakening on the sea, about 30 kilometers south of Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar district. The St. Martin's Island is one of the favourite places to visit in Cox's Bazar. In the winter season, especially since December to March, because the sea is not fierce, this is the best time to visit this island. You can also stay on this small island. There are several good quality hotels built here to stay. The atmosphere of the island is very pleasant. Especially the moonlight night. The vast waterside and ocean waves will create a different feeling around them. You can walk around the beach on the island. The island is also very close to the little island, which is also known as Chera dip (Torn Island). If you go from St. Martin to this little island, it is better to go in a large engine-driven boat. This torn island does not have permission to stay on the night. The island of St. Martin is about 9 square kilometers. If you want to see the whole island can walk on foot. During the tidal period, the area of ​​the island increases-decreases. Around the huge waterside of the four sides and waking up in the middle of the island, once you visit, you will want to come back again. If you have a good fortune, you can see the dolphin skull on the way to this island by touring ships from Teknaf. ...... read full story

Inani Sea Beach
Coxs Bazar >>  Ukhiya

This Inani sea beach is located in Ukhia upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This beach is about 27 kilometers away from Cox's Bazar headquarters. It is more an attractive spot from Cox's Bazar beach. On the one side of this beach, the vast water channels on the one hand and the mountains and green arrangements on the other side will fascinate you. There are numerous coral stone creations. You will see plenty of algae. In addition to wild animals, birds and oysters, everything will take you in its own world of nature. ...... read full story

Kuakata beach
Patuakhali >>  Kalapara

In Kuakata union of Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district, you will see this Kuakata beach which is known as the daughter of the sea. This beach is about 18 kilometers long. From this beach you will see sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening sky. The surroundings of the beach are Fatrar Char, Crab (Crab) Char, Ashar Char, Dubalar Char, Gangamati Char, Kanewari Char, Sonar Char, Fish Land. These chars are like a small island. You have to hire a tourist boat to go to these places. There are several tourist centers near the beach. You can also get all the information from there. If you want, you can visit all the tourist spots of the Kuakata Union in their management. There are several good hotels, motels to stay in Kuakata. Before coming here you can come forward with an advance booking. If you want any one of them can be booked beforehand. ...... read full story


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