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Planet World Children's Park
Barishal >>  Barishal Sadar

It is a recreational center located in Barisal district town.This park is mainly built for children and teenagers. There is a mini zoo inside the park and you will find various animal birds here. This park adjacent to the garden of Bangabandhu and will be able to visit any time. ...... read full story

Soudia Park City
Bogura >>  Sherpur

This entertainment spot is located about 4 kilometers away from the Sherpur upazila headquarters of Bogra district. This is a picnic spot. There are a number of entertainment elements, including artificial lake, park, mini zoo, children's park. ...... read full story

Fayz Lake
Chattogram >>  Pahartoli (thana)

Fayez Lake, famous for its Pahartali Railway Station on the outskirts of Chittagong city. This lovely lake in the beautiful scenery of mountains and green surroundings. This is an entertainment spot. You need to rent a boat if you want to walk around the lake. You will see a zoo nearby. The lake has been created artificially. But if nobody tells you, you will feel a wonderful creation of nature.
As the initiative of the Assam-Bengal Railway Authority and based on the English engineer Mr.Fay's plans and designs, this Fayez Lake is built in the 1924-1952. The main purpose of creating the lake was to provide water for the Pahartali Railway Factory. According to the history, it was found that Foy Water Scheme was created by the Chief Engineer Fay at that time to solve the problem of water supply. Mr. Fay took various potential surveys and created a vast artificial wetland with a dam in the middle of the two mountains of Pahartali in 1924 to 1925. The dam was built around 130 feet tall and 70 feet high. To keep Mr. Fay's contribution memorable forever, this lake was named Fay's Lake. Later on, this faye lake was popularly known as Fayez Lake. Initially, there was no crowd of people because this place was a thick forest. Later on this lake has been developed as an entertainment center. In 1993, the private organization of the non-government organization, Mohana, was given the responsibility of maintenance of the park, because the visitors were growing. Gradually, Fayez Lake becomes well-known as tourism and recreational spot. In 2004, this place came under the Ministry of Tourism. Then, the responsibility of the development and management is handover to a private organization named Concord. The radical changes are attributed to this park. Now, it is an international standard Amusement Park. The height of the lake from the sea level is about 300 feet. If you want, you can roam the boat in the park's lake. There are several food shops and stalls inside the park. This lake is the largest man-made freshwater lake in Bangladesh and South-East Asia. ...... read full story

Rose Garden
Dhaka >>  Tikatuli

This garden is located at KM Das Road, Tikatuli. It is currently being used as one of the shooting venues of the movie and drama. In the 70's, it was a popular spot for film making. ...... read full story

Shopno Puri
Dinajpur >>  Fulbari

Mohammad Delwar Hossain, a wealthy person from Dinajpur, constructed this entertainment spot in Aftabganj in Nawabganj upazila of Dinajpur district in 1989. At the entrance of this entertainment spot, two large statue wings will welcome you. A artificial zoo will be found here inside the entertainment wall surrounded by high walls. If you look at animal statues in zoos, you will feel that these are real animals. And there is life in these animals. There is an exceptional collection of wood-produced fruit. When you see these fruits, it seems that these fruits have been collected from this tree. This entertainment spot has a huge lake, which is a big lake. If you want, you can travel around the lake in exchange for a fixed fee. This spot is also quite popular as a picnic spot and a shooting spot for movies or plays. It is about 53 kilometers away from Dinajpur Sadar. ...... read full story

Gazipur >>  Sreepur

Next to the Gazipur-Mymensingh highway, this flowerpot spot is located in Bakia Bazar area of Gazipur. It's basically a picnic and shooting spot. Honeymoon cottage is also here. Here you can see artificial lake, Padmapukur, sculptures of various wildlife, and the forest of Gajari. This is a noisy free entertainment spot. ...... read full story

Sheikh Rasel municipal child park
Gopalganj >>  Tungipara

An entertainment center located in Tungipara upazila of Gopalganj district. People of all ages, including children, come here to spend their leisure time. There are also several riders for entertaining here. On 8 January 2016 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated this park. This park has been developed with a large area of ​​about 5 acres of land. There are artificial lakes. If you want, you can rent and walk the pedal boat in this lake. ...... read full story

Tropic picnic spot
Mymensingh >>  Bhaluka

This spot is located at Jamiradia Masterbari in Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh district. Many come here to picnic. At this spot you will see various types of sculptures. In the spot you will see a variety of flower garden. It is the drama and the film shooting spot. ...... read full story

Aladdins Park
Mymensingh >>  Fulbaria

Aladdin's Park is basically a private entertainment center. This is also an ideal place for a picnic. This entertainment center is located at Anayetpur Union in Fulbaria upazila of Mymensingh. The amusement center has been built around 25 acres of land. There are also a number of riders for entertainment, as well as a swimming pool. There is also a mini zoo. To come here, you can come from Fulbaria by CNG. The distance of this park from Fulbaria upazila is about 25 kilometers. However, you can also rent a car directly from Mymensingh. ...... read full story

Ghazni Abakash Center
Sherpur >>  Jhenaigati

A tourism and entertainment center located in the border area of ​​Jhenaigati upazila of Sherpur district. In 1993, the Sherpur District Commissioner made it a pleasant tourist center. Here is an artificial waterfall and lake. Mayurpankhi boat can walk through this lake. There are pedal boats. You can see the hilly forest. In this spot you will see a high low elevation, forest, and waterfalls in a flat mound. Many people come here from distant places for winter tourism tour and picnic. There are several cottages to stay. However, if you want to use it, you will have to take permission from Sherpur Deputy Commissioner. Fisheries sculptures in the spot attracted all the tourists. Looking at the scenic view of the Garo Hills and the Leisure Center, there is a very high "Site View Tower". Here is a artificial tunnel. There are mini zoos, children's park and several sculptures. Next to the spot you will see the Meghalaya state of India. You can see this spot about 30 kilometers away from the Sherpur district headquarters. ...... read full story

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