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Mainamatti site museum
Cumilla >>  Sadar South

In 1965, this Mainamati Museum started its journey to show the artifacts received from the digging of Mainamati Lalmai area. You can see this museum on the south side of Shalvan Bihar. Land design of Bihar, Mura, Prasad and surrounding places; various types of plate blade obtained from these sites, lots of clay material made of clay, shilinga, butkera, ancient gold and silver coins, terracotta figurines, stone and bronze statues, bead, ornaments, bronze and copper plates used in Buddhist monks, iron Made of them, spade, scissors, terracotta lamp, etc. are preserved. ...... read full story

Ahsan Manzil museum
Dhaka >>  Islampur

There is a royal palace named Ahsan Manzil near Waijghat in Kumartuli area on the banks of Buriganga river of old Dhaka. If you want to get lost in the eighteenth or nineteenth century, you can visit this place. In 1985, the palatial residence of Nawabs of the British period of Dhaka was converted into a museum. Eleventh century landlord Sheikh Enayet Ullah built this palace for Pramod Bhawan. Later, this was handed over to Nawab Abdul Gani. In 1872, Nawab Abdul Gani rebuilt and edited the palace and named it the palace named after the beloved son Khwaja Ahsanullah, Ahsan Manzil. During the nineteenth century this Ahsan Manzil was one of the most joyful thoughts of Dhaka. The palanquin house, darbar house, treasure house, library, guest room, residential room, dining hall, billiard room, dance room, Hindu house room, Nahabatakhana were there. There are 31 rooms in the palace. The 23 galleries of the museum have been displayed here. Among them are decorative almira, mirrors, candle vases, glass and porcelain utensils, glass and wood chandeliers, ironworks, slopes, billiards boards, signatures, clothing etc. You can know about the history of Nawab Bhaban. ...... read full story

Lalbagh Fort Museum
Dhaka >>  Lalbag (thana)

The building that is currently used as a museum inside Lalbagh Fort, was originally used as Hammamkhana and Darbar Hall. It is a two-storied building. The Hammam and the Darbari cell were on the ground floor of the building. Nawab Shayesta Khan lived on first floor. At present, the museum has some rare manuscripts including swords, shields, Chinese clay pots, dresses, arrows, bows, pistols, guns, coins, used in the last time of the Mughal period. ...... read full story

Mymensingh Museum
Mymensingh >>  Mymensingh Sadar

This Mymensingh Museum is located near Mymensingh Municipality of Mymensingh. In this museum many items of memorization of the zamindars of Mymensingh are preserved. Among them, furniture used for zamindars of Gouripur zamindar, furniture of Muktagacha zamindar house, asbar papers, Mahadev statue, image of Mahashridhar in dance pose, favorite two elephants of Muktagacha zamindar and Shankh's head skeleton, Plaster of Paris statue, white stone Statues etc. are worth mentioning. The museum was the landlord Madan Babu's house. In 1969, it was established as 'Mymensingh Museum'. ...... read full story


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