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Ethnological Museum
Chattogram >>  Chattogram City

The only Ethnological museum in South Asia will be seen in Agrabad, the commercial district of Chittagong District City. There are two such museums in Bangladesh and another in Tokyo, Japan, in the continent of Asia. But the work of establishing this museum began in the end of the sixties under a project under the Pakistan government. The project is completed after the independence of Bangladesh. While entering this museum, portrait of two indigenous men and women will welcome you. In the museum's galleries, diversity of tribal life of Chakma, Marma, Murong, Pankho, Bom, Khang, Khumi, Garo, Hajong, Coach, Khasia, Cookie, Manipuri, Santal, Oroo, Rajbangshi etc. residing in different areas of Bangladesh including Cox's Bazar, Patuakhali, Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachari etc have been highlighted. Also, various tribal species, clothing, costumes, arms accessories, ornaments, in several countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan have been highlighted. There are also static pictures, artificial atmosphere, graffiti, and tribal literature highlighted here. On January 9, 1974, Culture Minister Professor Yusuf Ali inaugurated this museum. ...... read full story

Chittagong University Museum
Chattogram >>  Chattogram City

A museum has been set up at Chittagong University campus. Many archaeological remains of the Chittagong region are preserved in it. ...... read full story

Ramlal Museum
Cumilla >>  Cumilla Sadar

The founder of this museum Mahesh Chandra Bhattacharya; He was a homeopath doctor in the profession. The museum started its journey with some antiquities obtained from Mainamati in 1935 in his solo efforts. ...... read full story

Money museum
Dhaka >>  Mirpur (thana)

This museum's location is located at Bangladesh Bank Training Academy in Mirpur of capital Dhaka. This museum has preserved the money of different countries including Bangladesh.From earliest times, different types of coins, including pala dynasty, sen dynasty, sultanate and Mughal period, can be seen here. ...... read full story

Police line museum
Dhaka >>  Mohammadpur (thana)

The Police Liberation War Museum has been established at Rajarbagh Police Lines Telecom Building in Dhaka. On March 24, 2013, the museum was inaugurated. This museum has been witnessing the glorious history of the police force during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. During the War of Liberation many patterns including police rifles, flag have been found here. ...... read full story

Coin Museum
Dhaka >>  Motijheel (thana)

The museum started in 2009 at the Bangladesh Bank office in Motijheel, capital Dhaka. However, it was shifted to Mirpur Bangladesh Bank Training Academy. ...... read full story

Dhaka City Museum
Dhaka >>  Motijheel (thana)

The Dhaka City Museum has been established with the intention of highlighting the history and heritage of Dhaka and the history of the War of Liberation. This museum is located in the South City Corporation building. History of Dhaka, history of Dhaka City Corporation, important documents etc. are preserved in the museum. You can also see the flag of independent Bangladesh created in Dhaka in March 1971. This museum was established in 1987. ...... read full story

Postal Museum
Dhaka >>  Pallabi (thana)

This postal museum is located in the capital city of Dhaka, the country's main post office (GPO). This is the collection of all the stamps used since the independence movement of Bangladesh till date. Not only the stamp, this museum has also been shown in various types of mailboxes, postal guard armor, franking machine etc. from ancient period. Not only domestic stamps, but also thousands of stamps in almost all the countries of the world have been found in the museum. The Bangladesh Postal Department is operating this museum. In 1966, this museum was started in a very small area, but in 1985 it was reorganized. In time, this museum has kept the tradition of posting the history of Bengal with the help of stamps. ...... read full story

Bangladesh Supreme Court Museum
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

The Museum is established in the supreme court complex of Bangladesh, the museum has got the Supreme Court's history and tradition. It is established to give information about the history of the judiciary and tradition and justice management and judicial work. In the museum, the judicial use of historical materials, asbestos, documents and judicial use used in the trial was also available. ...... read full story

Air Force museum
Dhaka >>  Sher-e-Bangla (thana)

The museum is located on the western runway of Tejgaon Airport in the capital Dhaka. It began in September 2014 with an attempt to highlight the history, heritage and achievements of the Air Force. It has got combat aircraft, helicopters, radar technology. Dakota Biman, Elite helicopter, fighter - F 86, Hunter, MiG 21, NAT, used during the liberation war of Bangladesh at the Biman Museum. See also here, the China-made FT5 aircraft used by the Bangladesh Air Force, the German made Glyder aircraft, the Russian-made N24 aircrafts, the Soviet-made Mi-8 helicopter, and the used aircraft for the passenger transport. The country's first passenger carrier used to fly 'Balaka' and can see here. There is also an arrangement for the visitors to enter the airplane. It costs a little extra for this. The museum is closed on Sunday. ...... read full story

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