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Kalsakathi zamindar house
Barishal >>  Bakerganj

There is a landlord house near Kalsakathi, about 4 kilometers away from Bakerganj upazila of Barisal district. It is known as Kalskati Zamindar House.Bisweshwar Roy, an influential zamindar, built this landlord house during British rule. Many of the northern zamindars left the country and went to India and later the houses were left unattracted. The dilapidated house is still able to attract visitors' attention. ...... read full story

Portuguese buildings, memorials
Barishal >>  Bakerganj

In the place of Padishishpur in Bakerganj upazila of Barisal district, you will find churches, buildings and monuments constructed by the Portuguese in the 18th century.In the eighteenth century, the Portuguese started coming here for business purposes. Simultaneously build a church here.At that time, Christianity was preached from this church.The Portuguese have built buildings for living here. The Portuguese who came and die at this time were buried here. And built a monument on the tomb. ...... read full story

Lakhutia Zamindar House
Barishal >>  Barishal Sadar

This Lakhutia zamindari house is one of the oldest monuments in Barisal district. You can see this zamindar house in the adjacent area of Babubazar at Lakhutia village of Kashipur Union of Sadar upazila. Here, you can see a large dighi dug by zamindars and temple near this zamindar house. This zamindar house of Barisal is still carrying the memory of zamindars. Because of the enchanting environment of the landlord house many people came to picnic here. ...... read full story

Shyamnagar zamindar house
Brahmanbaria >>  Nabinagar

You can see a landlord house in Shyamnagar village of Nabinagar upazila of Brahmanbaria district. It is known as Shyamnagar Zamindar House. Although its architecture is no longer there.Still, this house is a witness to the glory and influence of the zamindars of the past. Zamindar Ramani Kishore Roy built this house.This is a two-storied building.It is estimated that this house was built sometime around the eighteenth century. The zamindar house was a worship room, which is still worshiped today.There are also several rooms, including the Andromahal, the salon. European, Mughal and regional architecture can be found in the construction of this Zamindar House. ...... read full story

Harshpur zamindar house / Dewan Manzil
Brahmanbaria >>  Sarail

Harshpur zamindari house can be found in village Nidarabad of Harshpur union under Sarail upazila of Brahmanbaria district. This landlord house is also known as "Dewan Manzil". Zamindari Nasir Mohammad constructed this building in 1610 AD. Hammamkhana, mosque, pond, dighi, and place for elephant were also in this landlord house. The Hammamkhana was built in the village of Doopala Kundhal, which is situated east of the main palace of the landlord house. There was a cold and hot water system in this Hammam. A room was built to maintain wealth beside the Hammam. ...... read full story

Karaitoli landlord house
Chandpur >>  Faridgonj

You can see a landlord house in Karaitoli village of Faridganj upazila in Chandpur district. It is known as Karaitoli Zamindar Ghar. The temple's house, huge prasad, still silently tells its past glory. It is estimated that this landlord house was built near Bangla 1200. ...... read full story

Chakma Rajbari
Chattogram >>  Rangunia

A Chakma Rajbari built in the seventeenth century can be found in a place named Rajanagar of Rangunia upazila of Chittagong district. The house is presently alive. Apart from Rajprasad in this Rajbari Complex, there were soldiers, prisoners, elephants and horsehouses etc. There is an ancient pond, its name was Chelema pukur. This pond was named after the name of one queen of the royal palace. Chelema was the queen of King Shukdev Roy of this dynasty. ...... read full story

House of Kumari Saha Zamindar
Chuadanga >>  Alamdanga

In the Kumari village of Alamdanga upazila in Chuadanga district, you will see this old landlord house. Locally this house is known as Kumari Saha Zamindar Bari. It is a double-storeyed large building. The construction of the house is in line with the Greek construction strategy. The landlord house was once used as the administrative building of the Veterinary College. At present it remains as a abandoned building. ...... read full story

Thousand Doors School
Chuadanga >>  Damurhuda

If you want to see this school of thousands of doors, you will have to go to Natudah in Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga district. Locally, it is known as Hazar Duari School. The place is locally known as the eight grave (Aat Kabar). Though there are not thousands doors in the school building, locally it is known as school of thousands of doors (Hazar Duari School). It is basically the Natudah Secondary School. This school building consists of 15 rooms and the total number of doors in the building is 98. It is known that Nafr Chandra Pal Chowdhury, the local zamindar of Natudah, built the school in memory of his wife Radharani. ...... read full story

Bhuksar's Zamindar House (landlord house) and mosque
Cumilla >>  Barura

An old zamindar house and mosque can be seen in the village of Bhuksar of Galimpur Union of Barura upazila of Comilla district. The zamindar house is known as the landlord house of Bhukasar and the mosque is known as the mosque of Bhuksar. It was known that in 1903 this house was built. Although the past glitter of the zamindar house is no longer, the zamindar house building, pukur ghat, and the arch of the arcade are still giving the glory of its past. Mosque of Zamindar's house is a 3-domed mosque. The mosque is rectangular in land planning. There were flowers, the flowering of the leaves on the walls of the mosque. ...... read full story

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