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Jaggo Kunda fountain
Moulvibazar >>  Sreemangal

The fountain is located in Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar district. This section can be found in Jaggara Tea Garden near Srimangal City. This fountain will fascinate the tourists in the green carpet. ...... read full story

Garo Hills
Mymensingh >>  Haluaghat

Garo inhabited hill areas in Halujaghat, one of the attractions of tourists. These hills are one of the picnic and adventurous places. Between the mountains of Garo Hills, Mitali Tila and Gabbarkhali Hills are two most popular mountains. The beautiful scenery of the mountains in the flat areas of the hills fascinate tourists. uring the trekking forests, wild clutter of forest birds will make your journey more vigorous. Mitali Mountain is one of the most interesting places to picnic. Gabbarkhali Hills is also one of the most interesting spots. You can see many big and small mountains in this village. Here is the residence of indigenous Hajong. The diversity of hills and indigenous peoples will fascinate you. You can come here with a motorcycle from Haluaghat upazila. The distance from the upazila headquarters is about 14 to 15 kilometers. You can also rent a microbus or car from Mymensingh district. ...... read full story

Netrokona >>  Durgapur

There is a place called Bijapur in the foothills of Garo Hills in the border area of Durgapur upazila, about 8 kilometers from Durgapur upazila headquarters of Netrokona district. Meghalaya state of India is located on the other side of this place. The Sumeshwari river originating from Meghalaya hills is passing along this Bijoypur. China clay or white soil, which is used as an ingredient in the preparation of porcelain utensils, is mainly collected from the Vijayanpur. This area is famous for China Clay. The surface of this white clay is like a pinkish color to look at the water. Which attract tourists specially. It is one of the largest mineral resources of Bangladesh's mineral resources. Here you can see several small-large mountains. The mountains of different colors are one of the attractions of tourists. The mountains are pink, white, gray, blue and various colors. These are genuinely created. It seems as if a painter has painted the hills with his hands. Since 1957 white soil is being collected from here. In 1960, Kohinoor's Aluminum Works started to collect white soil from here. Later, several companies, including the BCIC, have been collecting simple documents from here. However, this place is known locally as Kohinoor Hill. ...... read full story

Langura Tila
Netrokona >>  Kalmakanda

A beautiful view of hills and rivers in the flat areas has been created by the Langgara Tila in Kalmakanda upazila. There is a river called Ganeseshwari which runs along this hill at the Indian border. Not only nature, you will be fascinated by the indigenous Hajong and the life of Garos living here. Lengura Tilati is one of the tourist destinations of Kalmakanda upazila. There are arrangements for tourists to sit here. Standing here, you can enjoy the natural scene of Indian part. This is also a popular spot for picnic. ...... read full story

Shukanachara (Dry fountain)
Rangamati >>  Baghaichari

The pleasant spot is located at the 10th Street of Bagaiichhari in Rangamati district. Although it is mostly under Rangamati district, it is very convenient to see this rhyme from Khagrachari district. You can see this spot from the Dighinala upazila of Khagrachari district to Hazachara. This rhyme is known to the locals as Hazachara. Many people also known as the 'Jurani Thangzhang Jharna' in this spring. If you want to see the fountain, then you will have to go through the mountainous hills. ...... read full story

Falitangyacug Hill
Rangamati >>  Barkal

Falitangyacug hill is situated in Barkal upazila of Rangamati district. This hill is about 1,868 feet high. From here you can enjoy the natural landscape of Barkal upazila. From here, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the neighboring state of Mizoram, India. Not only this watch,There are numerous small and big waterfalls in Barkal upazila. There is a revelation about the name of this upazila. According to locals, there was a large stream of water in this district. The sound of the water was heard from a distance. The sound of the water falling in the water seemed like the sound of a large-sized device. That is why this place has been named Barkal. But this fountain is no longer there. If you want to come to Barkal Upazila, you will have to rented a boat and have to prepare for the night. ...... read full story

Suvolong Fountain, Bir Shreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf's grave, Tuktouk, Peda tingting, Safwan restaurant, Indigenous village
Rangamati >>  Barkal

To see Suvalong Fountain, Echo Tuktuk Village, Peeda Tingting, you will have to hire a boat and go to a place called Suvalong. Birshreshtha Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rauf's grave is seen in the Burighat area of ​​Nanyachar. When Munshi Abdur Rouf was martyred during the liberation war, he was buried in a local indigenous place. Later, here the BDR (presently BGB) created a mausoleum on Munshi Abdur Rauf's grave. During the journey by boat you will be fascinated by the surrounding hills and river which flow through the hills. This moment will be in your memories scene. Seeing this scene, you will not understand when you reach Suvalong. A small green island will be seen suddenly on the way to the hills and water of Kaptai Lake. On the island you will find the PEDA TINGTING restaurant. The term peda tingting is derived from the Chakma language, which means "fill the stomach". In 1997, after the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord, the private tourism spot, Peda Tingting, was built in Balukhali. This tourism spot contains rows of teak trees. If you want, you can spend the night here. You will see the diversity of indigenous life here. Sangfang Picnic Spot and Eco Tukatuk Village is near to the Peeda Tingting tourism spot. You can taste indigenous traditional food at this at the food shops. Not just tourism spot, you can see the indigenous village here. You will see zum cultivation and the simple life of indigenous people. Then you can move from here to Suvlang. A rainstorm coming down from a huge high mountain. You will find 6 to 8 small streams of small and large. Of these, large fountains are very popular among tourists. If you want you can soak your body in the water of the spring here. But if you want to enjoy this fountain very well, you have to travel here in the rainy season. ...... read full story

Furaman Hills
Rangamati >>  Rangamati Sadar

Furaman Hill is located some distance from Rangamati district headquarters. This mountain is one of the popular places of adventure tourism. If you come here, then it is good to have the experience of moving in the hills. For those who do not have a mountain experience, this mountain will be a new experience for them. The height of this hill is around 1518 feet. If you take the local guide along with you to visit this place, you will enjoy more. This hill is located near Rangamati Sadar. That is why the city of Rangamati can enjoy from the peak of this mountain. On this hill there is a branch of Rajban Bihar temple, which is known as the Furaman branch. This temple is a Buddhist temple. To visit this mountain you will have to go to Sapchhari of Manikchhari in Rangamati city. You can walk on this hill from Sapchhari. ...... read full story

Nayabari Tila
Sherpur >>  Sreebordi

This Nayabari hill station is located in Shrivardi Upazila of Sherpur district. It is a Wildlife Sanctuary. The hill is under the Balisuri range of the Garo Hills of the upazila. This beautiful natural beauty is a new horizon for tourists. Here, you can see a wonderful combination of flat lands and mountainous areas. With the addition of this tila, a number of small hill tops and naturally formed hill forests around this are a unique form of nature. The area is mainly a sanctuary of wild elephants. ...... read full story

The king's hill
Sherpur >>  Sreebordi

The King's hill is located beside the Karnajhora Bazar of Shrivardi upazila of Sherpur district. This hill is situated about 14 kilometers away from Srivardi Upazila city. It is basically a huge flat land on the hill. Two villages of the indigenous people are Babelakona and Hariakuna, next to this hill. The villages are surrounded by two high mountains. Here the church, temple, Babalakona Cultural Academy, library, schools are built for the tribals. Here you will find varied ethnic groups and live performances. There are gardens of rubber plantation across the mountain. Meghalaya state of India is located nearby. The height of this tower is higher among all the hills in this area. It is common today that there was a king's residence here, so the name of this hill is called the King's Mountain. The king's hill is located about 35 kilometers away from the Sherpur district headquarters. ...... read full story

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