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Laua Chapra
Jamalpur >>  Bokshiganj

The natural beauty of the hills of the Jamalpur Union under Bakshiganj upazila of the upazila of Jamalpur district is lavaachapura. This is a picnic spot. This lauachapra picnic spot is a unique place to spend time with nature lovers. There is a watch tower here to watch this scenic hill forest. Here is an artificial lake. Though the spot is in Jamalpur district, there is an easy road to the surrounding Sherpur district. ...... read full story

Madhabkunda Echopark
Moulvibazar >>  Barlekha

This eco-park will be seen in Baralekha Upazila of Moulvibazar district. This is the first echopark in the country. This Ecchark location is about 20 kilometers away from Barlakha Upazila Sadar. This spot is one of the popular spot among the popular tourist spots in the country. Here you can see the country's highest waterfall Madhabkunda Falls. Madhubkunda Ecopark is a unique tourist spot, with all of the mountainous fountains, forests. Ecopark also has some wildlife. ...... read full story

Laujachara National Park
Moulvibazar >>  Kamolganj

The Lauyachara National Park has been developed around 1250 hectares of area. The park is part of Kamalganj upazila and Srimangal upazila of Moulvibazar district. There are two villages named Lauyacharapunji and Magurchharapunji within this forest. Khasia ethnic group is living here. You can look at these two villages. You will see the life of the Khasia community. If you want, you can stay in the national park. Here are two eco-cottages. Nearly extinct Hoolock hoolock species can see the sprouts in this garden. Laujachara National Park is a mixed evergreen forest. ...... read full story

Rajkandi Reserve Forest
Moulvibazar >>  Kamolganj

This favorite rajakandi reserve forest can be a unique spot to adventure favorites favorite tourists. Not just looking at the forest, here is an incomparable beautiful waterfall. Rajkandi Reserve Forest is located in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district. To see this forest and waterfalls, a local guide must be taken along with it. There is a high risk of rock climbing, rocky jungles, corridors and posts. In such an environment, tourists will bring a feeling of excitement in the minds of tourists. The best time to visit this place for tourists is rainy season. Because Hamham Falls in the forest is full of youth at this time. Not only hamham in the forest, it can be seen that several smaller springs. ...... read full story

Fatrar Forest
Patuakhali >>  Kalapara

Those who have not visited the Sundarbans, they can visit this Fatah forest as an alternative to the Sundarbans. A section of the forest will be found in the Kuakata union of Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district. Fatrar forest is a forest situated east of the Sundarbans. This is the second largest respiratory forest in the country after the Sundarbans. This is the local name of this forest. Its original name is Tangagiri Forest. The area extends between Taltoli upazila of Barguna and Kuakata beach in Patuakhali. The area of ​​the forest is approximately 13642 acres. A Ecopark has been built here. Many came to this spot to picnic. To visit this place, you must hire tourist boat. ...... read full story

Kuakata Echopark / Jaw forest
Patuakhali >>  Kalapara

The most popular tourism center in Patuakhali district and one of the most attractive tourist spots in the country, the Kuakata ekoparkati has been developed with a large area near the Kuakata beach. Walking along the road between the rows of Jaw Forest, it seems as if the nature has created a natural roadway to mark your arrival. There is also a picnic spot. The eco park has an artificial lake, where you can roam through the pedal boats. Exploring the park, you can watch see the various varity and colorful birds. If you want to explore the eco park, you will have to go 2 km away from the Kuakata beach. To see the eco-park, you can hire a motorbike from Kuakata. ...... read full story

Madhutila Ecopark
Sherpur >>  Nalitabari

This eco park is located in Puragaon union of Nalitabari upazila of Sherpur district. It is a leisure center located on the Indian side. This leisure center is about 30 kilometers away from Sherpur district town. This eco-park has been built around 380 acres of land. It can be an interesting entertainment spot if you want to explore the natural environment. There is a cotage here, but if you want to use it, you will have to get permission from Sherpur Deputy Commissioner. You can see rare and extinct plants in this Eco Park. There is also a mini zoo, mini child park. If you want, you can visit the lake in the padel boat. There are attractive sculptures of various wild animals. It is a popular spot as a picnic spot in the winter season. Here is the watch tower of 65 feet high. If you want, you can take a look at the park from this tower. But wherever you look, green is going to be seen everywhere. There are pedals boats available in the artificial lake of the park. If you want to visit the high mountains and greens, you can come here by hiring a car directly from Dhaka. Or after coming to Nalitabari upazila of Sherpur, From here you can go to this park by motorcycle or autorickshaw or CNG. The distance of this spot from Dhaka is about 200 kilometers away. ...... read full story

Sylhet >>  Gowainghat

If you want to see this natura forest, known as the Amazon of Bangladesh, you will have to go a long way from Sylhet. This forest is located in Fatehpur union of Goyilghat upazila of Sylhet district. Swanp Forest or Jawaban is the only land in Bangladesh. There is a bill inside the forest. To see the forest, you must hire a boat. You will come again and again if you visit the beautiful mountain forest. The area of ​​the forest is approximately 3325 acres. There are 22 such forests in the world. Among them, there are two forests in the Indian subcontinent, one of which is in Bangladesh. This forest is a great collection of 'Murta', the main ingredient of making the famous Shitalpati of Sylhet. The more you enter this forest, the depth of the forest will grow. There is a place where the light of the sun can not reach properly. During this trip to the forest, it seems as if you came to the famous Amazon forest. The place is about 26 kilometers away from Sylhet Sadar. In winter this forest is dry. Therefore, the best time to visit this forest is the rainy season. In the rainy season, half of these forest trees go under water. There are accommodation facilities for tourists.
You can go by any vehicle from Sylhet city. There are arrangements for transportation from Sylhet city to Fatehpur union of Gowainghat upazila. ...... read full story

Madhupur garh / Shal forest / eco park and picnic spot
Tangail >>  Madhupur

Madhupur Shal-Forest, the third largest natural forest in Bangladesh. It is known to the locals as Gajari Forest. There are several ethnic groups living in the forest including Garo, Coach, Dwaram. In the winter there are many visitors to visit. Some people come to make a picnic with team. There are also two picnic spots named Jasmine and Chameli. There is also a restroom. If you want, you can also rest here. This Madhupur forest is about 46 kilometers away from Tangail district town. At the end of the winter, when the new leaf comes to the branches of the forest, the beauty of this forest increases several times. If you walk on foot through the forest, the dry words of the dry leaves lying on the ground and the new green leaves on the head and the birds puffs will take you to another country of nature. To enter this Shal forest you will have to go to a place called Rasulpur Mazar at Tangail-Mymensingh Road. Here is the main gate of Madhupur National Park. ...... read full story

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