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Fatrar Forest
Barguna >>  Taltali

The Forest of Fatra is a forest grown in the mouth of the sea.Although located in Taltoli upazila of Barguna upazila, the easiest way to reach here is from the Kuakata beach of Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district.This is a popular tourist spot. Several tourist guides located in the Kuakata beach are arranged to turn it around. But you can come here by boat. You can come here if you want to roam the forest. The wings of the birds will bring the joy of tourists to true forestry. At one end of Fatrah's forest, you can enjoy red crab rides on the sea shore.When you catch these crabs, suddenly they will be seen in the ground pits. The concrete bench is designed to accommodate tourists in this forest. Now you can enjoy the environment at this time. ...... read full story

Banskhali ekopark and Chunati sanctuary and sea beach
Chattogram >>  Banshkhali

You can see the Banskhali ekopark in Banskhali upazila, about 60 kilometers away from Chittagong city. High spots, fountains, seas, hanging bridges, and a beautiful natural environment of mountainous forest. In 1986, the Chunati sanctuary was declared as 7764.0 ha forest area under the Bangladesh Wildlife Preservation Act. Later, in 2003-2004, Banshkhali Ecopark started with 1000.0 hectares of Chunati sanctuary. Within the Chunati sanctuary, there are several small hills, fountains. The Banskhali Echopark and the beach are not only a tourism spot during the winter season. It became quite popular for picnic spots. A beautiful atmosphere of mountains, sea and green touches your mind. There are about 3 hundred species of progamy plants in Ecakarkti and Chunati Sanctuary. There are 45 species of mammals, 85 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles and 7 species of amphibians. If you want to see the park, you have two observation towers. From this tower you will see the hills, the sanctuary, the Bay of Bengal, the Kutubdia channel. The stairs have been built to accommodate high mountains. Ecopark and Chunati Sanctuary The artificial lake has been built. Tourist boats, pedal boats, swan boats and speed boats are also available for tourists to this lake. On the east bank of the Bay of Bengal and Kutubdia channels you will find an interesting sea beach in Kadmarsul and Khanhabad. Jabon has been built on the beach side. The waves of the ocean and birds will attract tourists. ...... read full story

Chunati Sanctuary
Chattogram >>  Banshkhali

The Chunati Sanctuary covers approximately 7764 hectares of area under Banskhali, Lohagara and Satkania upazilas of Chittagong district and Chakoria upazila of Cox's Bazar district. This sanctuary is known as the Wildlife Passage Corridor between Bangladesh and Myanmar. ...... read full story

Sitakunda Ecopark
Chattogram >>  Sitakunda

Sitakunda Ecopark is the first ekopark in Asia. This ekopark is located in Sitakund upazila, about 38 kilometers from Chittagong city. A botanical garden has also been developed here. You can see the rare tree in this Ecopark. ...... read full story

Shawl forest
Dinajpur >>  Birganj

You can see a Shawl forest in the union of the name of the village of bhognagar, about 15 kilometers away from Birganj upazila headquarters of Dinajpur district. Locally, this Shawl forest is known as 'Singra Shawl forest'. ...... read full story

Shawl forest
Dinajpur >>  Nawabganj

You can see a shawl forest about 1 kilometer from Nawabganj Upazila headquarters in Dinajpur district. Locally, this shawl forest is known as 'Panchabati Forest'. ...... read full story

Bhawal National Park
Gazipur >>  Sreepur

This park is grown in Sadar upazila of Gazipur and part of Sreepur upazila. In 1973 the garden was developed with approximately 6,500 hectares of area. The park is situated about 41 kilometers away from Dhaka. There are several picnic spots in the park. Many people come to the picnic from far and wide in the winter season. Several cottages and rest houses have been constructed. The park is a sanctuary of wild animals. Turtle and crocodile breeding centers have been built in this garden. ...... read full story

Laxmi Bawr Swamp Forest
Habiganj >>  Baniachong

Although we know the Swamp Forest in Sylhet district of Bangladesh, Many tourists do not know about the Swampe Forest in Lakshibazar of Baniachang upazila of Habiganj district. If you see these trees in the rainy season, they will feel like they are floating in the water. This wetlands can be visited by boat. So, the best time to wind up is the time of the rainy season. Swampe Forest is known as Kharti Jungle by locals. Swamp Forest is located in Haor, as well as enjoying haor tours. This swamp forest contains poisonous snakes. In winter, this forest is full of guest birds. ...... read full story

Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary
Habiganj >>  Chunarughat

You will see the sanctuary of Rema-Kalenga wildlife in Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj district. This forest is known as the only Virgin Forest of the country. The area is approximately 1796 hectares. This is the hundred years of forest. This Rema-Kalenga Forest is the second largest forest in the country after the Sundarbans. You can see several small-large mountains in this forest. A great tourist tower has been built for the tourists in the forest. From here it can be seen at a glance to the far side of the forest. Ethnic group like Tripura, Santal, Tigu and Nunggun live in this forest. In the forest there are 37 species of mammals, 167 species of birds, 7 species of amphibians, 18 species of reptiles, about extinct Utaba, Kaim, Banmorga, Monkeys, Hanuman, deer, snakes, bees, monkeys, spec monkeys and 60 species of wild animals and 638 species of plants. ...... read full story

Satchhari National Park
Habiganj >>  Chunarughat

This Satchhari National Park is located at Satchhari in Raghunandan Paharta of Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj district. It has seven fountains in the Raghunandan hills, which has been named as Satchhari Udyan. This is an eco-tourism spot. The hills, forests, and tea gardens all make it an interesting and wonderful place for tourists. The National Park has been developed around an area of ​​approximately 243 hectares. There are about 200 species of plants, 197 species of animals, and 150-200 species of birds in this park. This biodiversity-rich forest is a tropical rainforest or mixed evergreen or leafy forest. There are seven rhymes in the Satchhari National Park, it has been named as Satchhari. Here you will see also the diversity of living organisms of Tipra tribe. ...... read full story

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