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Armanitola church
Dhaka >>  Armanitola

This church is located in Armanitola, Old Dhaka. It was built in 1781. It is reported that Armenians built this church. There have been many nations in the country for business for a long time. Among them, Armenians were one of theme. ...... read full story

Greek Monuments
Dhaka >>  Ramna (thana)

The tomb is situated in the TSC premises of Dhaka University. It is a small domed dome of yellow colors. The Greeks came to the country for business, but could not afford a lot of things, they went away from the business. Before leaving, those who had died in this country buried them in this country. Whereas their grave was not known properly, a tomb still remains. It is in the TSC premises of Dhaka University. To protect the memory of a Greek family of 19th century, Demetrius, It is known that it was built. There are 10 monuments in the black plates inside the memorial monument. Of these, 6 were in Greek and 4 were written in English. ...... read full story

Baptist Church
Faridpur >>  Faridpur Sadar

This church located in Faridpur city is a synagogue of the Christian community. This church was built in 1928. This church will be fascinated by the completely white color. The church is located next to Faridpur district school in Faridpur town. ...... read full story

The church of St. Nicholas
Gazipur >>  Kaliganj

You can see this church of St. Nicholas in Nagri village of Kaliganj upazila of Gazipur district. In 1663, this church was built around 18 acres of land. An 8-foot tall statue of Jesus Christ is built in this church. ...... read full story

St. Mathuranath AG Church
Gopalganj >>  Gopalganj Sadar

St. Mathuranath AG Church is one of the oldest structures in Gopalganj district. The church is located in Thanapara of Gopalganj district sadar. In 1875 a Christian named St. Mathuranath Basu built it. ...... read full story

Baniarchar Catholic Church
Gopalganj >>  Muksudpur

This church is located in Maksudpur upazila of Gopalganj district, a large Christian religious place of worship. It is known that a Christian priest named Kelgh Mukherjee built it in the middle of the 18th century. ...... read full story

Ballobhpur Mission
Meherpur >>  Meherpur Sadar

A very old church will be seen in Ballabhpur village of Baguan Union of Sadar upazila of Meherpur district. In 1832, a missionary named Jassi Jinski, who came from Germany, built this mission. Probably this is one of the ancient churches in Bangladesh. The church is a Protestant Christian community. ...... read full story

Ranikhang Mission
Netrokona >>  Durgapur

This Ranikha Mission is one of the most attractive places in Durgapur upazila of Netrokona. It is the venue of the Christian Catholic Community. This mission is located on a small hilltop. The river Sharasrota Someswari river is passing through the mission. In 1910, this mission was established. Inside the mission there is a restroom named Santiniketan. ...... read full story


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