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Bandarban >>  Bandarban Sadar

The location of this Ramzadi is located in the Kalighat area near Bandarban-Rohangchhari road, about 5 kilometers from Bandarban district town. Ramzadi is a temple. ...... read full story

Shornojadi / Golden Temple and Goddess Pond
Bandarban >>  Bandarban Sadar

Visiting Bandarban and do not see the Golden Temple, will it be? This temple is just 4 kilometers away from the city. The original name of this temple is named as Buddha Dhatu Jadi.The place is a holy pilgrimage to Buddhists. The color of Shorno Jadi is like gold, so many people call it a golden temple.It is the only Shorno Jadi in the country. This temple has been built on the top of a hill.So, tourists have to go upstairs and get upstairs. There is a pond on the top of the hill, which is known as the Goddess pond. When you come to visit the golden temple, you will feel that you have come to a religious place in Myanmar. ...... read full story

Bairagir Bhita
Bogura >>  Shibgonj

You can see this Bhita in Mahasthangarh of Shibganj upazila of Bogra district. It is on the north side of Parashuram constituency. This is a large rectangular mound. Its length is about 300 feet and the width is about 260 feet. The height of the mound is about 10 feet. Due to the digging of this mound, the ruins of two Buddhist temples of the first and the last Pala era were found here. It is believed that one temple was built in the seventh or eighth century and the other in the 11th century AD. The main hall of this temple was in the interior and there were many small rooms built by bricks around this main hall. ...... read full story

Bihar and Basu Bihar
Bogura >>  Shibgonj

Historical site situated in Shibganj upazila of Bogra district in the village of Bihar and Basu Bihar is about 4 miles away from Mahasthangarh. These two villages also have two historical archaeological sites.Bihar is almost built in the square. Within two villages, Basubihira is relatively larger. There were 30 Buddhist rooms for living in Basubihar and there were 26 rooms in Bihar.These rooms are made of bricks. Apart from these two sites, many artifacts were found like bronze statues, utensils, stoneware seals, terracotta plaques, painted bricks, ornaments, pottery, bronze, iron and copper. These materials are now kept in the mahasthangarh museum. ...... read full story

Bogura >>  Shibgonj

The historic site Mahasthangarh is located in Mahasthan village of Raynagar Union of Shibganj upazila of Bogra district. The oldest monuments in Bangladesh are Mahasthangarh. Here a number of mounds, including the monastery, have been discovered. It is built during the times of the famous Buddhist dynasty of northern Bengal and Bihar. Its period dates from the eighth century AD to the eleventh century.An archaeological inscription of 350 to 300 years ago was found from this site. It is believed that this inscription was the reign of Emperor Ashoka.Inscription engraved with Brahma characters. Also found "tangled and molded coins". This currency is made of silver. It used to be around 300 to 200 BC. Mahasthangarh is about 5000 feet north-south and 4500 feet long east-west. The fort is about 15 to 35 feet high in space from the ground. ...... read full story

Chittagong Buddhist Vihara
Chattogram >>  Chattogram City

This temple is situated in Nandan Kanaan of Chittagong city. This monastery was built in 1904. Bhagirath Chandra Barua, the district doctor of the Chittagong jail, established the Bihar. The monastery is a double-storeyed building. In 1983 a plant was brought from Sri Lanka and brought here. Several Buddhist images of ancient times are preserved here. ...... read full story

Chakrasala Bihara
Chattogram >>  Patiya

You can see this Chakrashala Buddhist monastery in Patiya upazila of Chittagong district. A new monastery has been built in place of the original temple built here. There is a legend, Gautam Buddha stayed here for a short time. ...... read full story

Adhar Manik Kalyan Bihara
Chattogram >>  Raozan

You can see a monastery called Manik Kalyan Vihara in the village of Dhadara Manik village under East Gujra union of Raozan upazila of Chittagong district. This monastery was built in 1694. ...... read full story

Mahamuni Bihara / Mahamuni Temple
Chattogram >>  Raozan

Mahamuni Bihar can be seen in Pahartoli village of Pahartali union under Raozan upazila of Chittagong district. The temple is also known as Mahamuni Temple. In 1813, a Buddhist monk from Chittagong, Amar Chihang Thakur established a magnificent statue here. This magnificent statue is composed of the magnificence of Arakan in Myanmar. The Buddhist statue placed here has a large number. The height of the statue is about 32 feet. Originally this monastery was built by bamboo. This bihan built by bamboo is burnt in fire and it is rebuilt by brick. There are organized fairs in every Chaitre related affair. This fair is known as Mahamuni Mela. ...... read full story

Farachin Bihara
Chattogram >>  Raozan

This monument, named Fachin, built in 1785 at Baguan village of Baguan Union of Raozan thana of Chittagong district. A person named Bodu of the Chakma community built this temple. Inside the monastery there is a Buddhist statue of black stone. ...... read full story

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